Learning Curve Idea for Game Modes

Before I start, just wanted to point out I don’t expect this to be in the game. This probably deserves to be in 'Off-topic" because It’s me explaining what I like about the game mode.

So it all started with this thread:

And it reminded me of running through a map that you need to experience in order to know which way to go, the fastest route and all that. A “Learning Curve”.

Which reminded me of this:
PS: Ignore the laughing sound at the start. The Video does not belong to me.

Parkour fortress.
A TF2 mod where you run through a long map trying to beat a certain time.
EDIT: Just gonna poke this in here.

You’re suggesting a gamemode based on a game mod based on another game.

That’s a high level of “Maybe reimplement this game I like”.

Maybe explain some more about it?

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maybe even though its from a tf2 game by slag group, they would do the feature either doing a new game world or just do workshop in the future

Afraid I don’t have to much more to explain. However, I did say this;

And I don’t want to come of as

The main point I had in my mind, was that, I would like to see another game mode with a learning curve, and a chill environment. For some reason Minigolf doesn’t do it for me.

Past me didn’t read much gameplay explanation or meta post into it, especially because the post title was different. I’m glad I could misunderstand your post so you could adjust it for future readers. :smile_cat:

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