Is anyone else annoyed by "Please remake my favourite game in TU" suggestions?

Either you socialize with the TU community, find playmates, notice you both like, I don’t know, PAYDAY 2 and play a heist or two together because you both own that exemplary other game and want to play it.

Or, as it seems to me, you open up a suggestion thread to remake that game in TU. Along the lines of: “Why play Rocket League, MAGICKA PvP, HALO or Gmod when you could just play TU?” - TU is made to be a social experience but I don’t think that means you can’t, on occasion, take those people outside TU and just play that other game if you want.

Now I’m aware that the existing Minigames aren’t completely and uniquely original. Virus is based on Timesplitters. Minigolf is a real life sport aged at least half a century. With this in mind I was conflicted if I should open up this thread or not. Would it be a useful thing to make up some Minigame Suggestion Guidelines? Are they already out there in the Search Function Jungle, buried in synonyms I wouldn’t even think of checking? Would it be a wise move to just ignore those suggestions like all the other threads that ignore the Search Function? Is it not actually a problem because all I see is the failure rate as I cannot see the thousands of people just doing it right?

I don’t think Chaos Wizard is a “Please remake my favorite game in TU” suggestion. I’ve never read a suggestion or played a game like that.

(The Rocket League suggestion just sounds like something you could make in your condo.)

Well to me it sounds a lot like someone playing MAGICKA against his friends. But my point isn’t these example threads, it’s the general problem/idea/thing.

For me and I’m sure many other players not longer have the said “Game” or said “Friends” to play said “Game” anymore due to either game age or becoming unpopular like we do on Tower Unite, many players come to Tower Unite not just as a social game but as a way to connect to friends or family across the globe and enjoy play together in a nice and fun mini game, In the end It is ultimately up to @Macdguy on the course his game goes.

I’m annoyed by all the posts :kissing_heart:

I’ll be brutally honest here:
I think that a big portion of suggestions currently is stupid and plain useless for the developers.

  • “Please bring game XY to Tower Unite”
  • “Please add a button to toggle that one thing that only annoys me but literally nobody else”
  • “Please make the game as realistic as possible and give me the ability to pee”
  • “Please cater for my every demand while you are busy developing a game”

These are very exaggerated examples but you probably get my point. This is not only limited to suggestions, but bug reports aswell.
You made a screenshot of the floor and posted it to the forums with an uninformative title. Great! The developers will really appreciate fixing something with no information on the problem at all. Might aswell put a stock image of a lamp post into your bug report, it doesn’t make a difference.

Maybe I’m just biased, but it annoys me and makes me furious whenever I see it.

\rant end


Hey, I know what you mean.
I have to admit though, I made some crappy Game World suggestions a while a while ago, and yes I regret making some of those threads. The thing that really bothers me with Game World suggestions is when the creator of a thread gives to little information, or no information at all, except for a title of a game they want the Game World play like. In my opinion, I think people should get creative and start making original Game World ideas and give enough information as possible.
Buy hey, every suggestion is a suggestion.

You can’t expect everyone to create unique stuff all the time. Coming up with truly unique gameplay is very difficult. It’s easier to reference to a popular game when explaining gameplay. I do that a lot when explaining the type of gameplay I want to my developers.

I do enjoy reading them, though. Everyone has a different thing they enjoyed from their favorite game and it’s good to know what it is. There’s also sometimes some hidden gold in someone’s creative thought process. Even a small thing like changing how a character reacts to damage could alter gameplay (ex. “what if instead of losing health, each hit adds percentage and the higher percentage the more they fly back”).

So from a strickly gameplay designer point of view, they could be useful even if they don’t always seem to be.


So basically, plain “Please remake this game” posts are meh, threads explaining the inspirational source or the part of it that would arguably fit into a TU Minigame are useful even if the Minigame is most likely not to be implemented?

EDIT: I guess it means that. Marking the reply as the solution, macdguy has spoken.

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There is a very distinct difference from my post to the other ones. I’m not saying that it’s a game mode.
It’s primarily just a suggestion for players to try out when it becomes possible, and a bit of satire on my part. Using my thread as part of evidence for this almost unreasonable post is honestly makes me feel like an idiot for having the humor that I do.
I feel never should you be putting down others in the community nor should you have the right to completely disregard player suggestions and ideas that come towards the forums. You have made my humor feel like it’s being taken the wrong way and if you do have a problem with it I ask that you contact me directly and tell me, I can change. And I will change if it really does become an issue.
Even though it really shouldn’t seem like it, I feel that you personally attacked me and made me feel unwanted for my humorist behavior, and if you don’t believe in my humor then you can refer to A Problem with My Balls
So before I begin to repeat myself to make my thread longer, I wish you would reconsider and try to critique people accordingly besides making an entire almost-hate based thread on the subject.
EDIT: Being caught into the moment and reading over this made me reconsider. The way that this post is directed makes it seem like you are playing against the community actively suggesting things, even if it is bad or repeated.
Thanks -Coont

I thought this thread was finished and was about to mark macdguys post as the solution since it seems like the final “Yes” I was hoping for will not be posted but if you feel like there’s still things left unclear, I shall happily resolve these issues.

To my own surprise I can’t find the part where I explicitly accuse it of being one.

If we don’t count the line “All suggestions are welcome!” I think the category is meant to be home for suggestions that, roughly worded, change the game. If certain gameplay becomes possible and I wanted to encourage others to try it, I think I’d just post the setup in Community Showcase.

So basically this thread in less serious?

I’m sorry you feel that way.

Oh please don’t. I do not wish to stop anyone from posting silly stuff. I’d rather encourage the opposite.

I’m doing neither. The thread title is not “Is anyone else annoyed by all the suggestions and the people posting them?”.

I refer to the possibility it might have been posted in the wrong subforum, as explained above.

If it makes you feel better (pun intended), I did not, that’s your own emotions.

I think here we have the underlying misconception that made you post this: I’m not criticizing people but ideas.

I hope I was able to debunk this view.

To whomever disagrees with @JohannesDau including me, that is our opinion and whether we like it or not @JohannesDau has his right to state his and doesn’t deserve to be beaten on just because of it.

“Opinion are like assholes, everyone has one.” - Harry Callahan

In case anyone cares, apparently @Coont chose to reply to me in private hours ago so I guess don’t expect to join in on that ride. :sweat_smile:

Ironically you listed valid counters that aren’t really opinion but actually facts. What do when games are dead for reasons like offline servers or lack of players? Where do the community mods go? TU could be their new home. I hadn’t thought about it this way! …That was what you meant, right?

If I felt like I was “beaten on” I would flag that post.

I’m pretty sure that quote is older than you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! I know it is, It’s from the 1988 movie “The Dead Pool” when Harry Callahan says “Well, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” one of my most favorite quote from one of my most favorite movies of all time the only reason I quoted It from myself is because I say it all the time when someone complains about someone’s opinion; But if it bothers you that much I will change it to quote Harry Callahan.