Laser Tag: Gameplay

#Laser Tag: Gameplay

Jeez you’re always here aren’t you? Alright, well, if you’re sticking around… I’m looking for top minds on this here new Laser Tag facility we’re gonna open up soon.

Laser Tag is one of those games, you know, where you shoot lasers at your friends and such.
The question today is:
##How do you want to shoot lasers at your friends, exactly?

Some definitions that apply to all games:

  • Tag: When you run out of health, you will be tagged. Once tagged you will have to recharge your pack to fire again. The pack will automatically recharge in 5 seconds. You start with 100 health points.
  • Packs: The power packs that provide energy to your gun. You wear these.
  • Weapon Stations: A station that recharges your pack and gives you a chance to get a rapid fire gun that lasts 15 seconds.

Each match length is a maximum of 10 minutes long.

#You can pick your top two favorites

  • Team Tag: Players are split into four groups of teams (represented by colors). Once you’re tagged, you will swap team and become the team of the player who tagged you. The goal is to get every other team on your team to win.
    Example: I’m on team Green and I tagged a Red team player. They are now Green team and Green team is now made up of 2 people. Red team is no longer, but there’s still Blue team to take over with my newly acquired team member.
  • Team Elimination: Players are split into two groups. You have 3 lives (each tag decreases a life) and once you’re out of lives, you’re out of the match. The goal is to be the team that survives.
  • Classic / Last Man Standing: No teams, everyone is against each other. Once you’re tagged, you’re out for the entire match. Last man standing wins.
  • Slow Fire / Instatag: It’s Last Man Standing, but you only have 1 shot you can fire before you have to reload which takes 30 seconds. Each shot instantly tags players out. No weapon stations.
  • Terminators: Two players are selected as terminators and have as much health as the collective group of the other players. The goal is to tag out both terminators before they tag out everyone else.
  • None of the above: Please post an additional gametype if you select this, otherwise your vote won’t mean anything!

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o boi


it’s coming


OH BOY! hype


Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with. #Hype

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Fat Kid lives on through Terminator!

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Pretty goud

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I think Protect the King would be awesome.
There are 2 teams (or more) and each team has a King. King has 3 lives and his/her underlings have infinite lives. When King loses all lives, then the team loses. This mode ends when there is only one team left.


Team Tag and Team Elimination are obviously the best ones.


Can we have the team deathmatch for the laser tag?

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it’s hard to choose, they all sound so fun :grinning:

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What about a kind of “Freeze Tag” gamemode?

Once you are shot, you are frozen, and a teammate has to stand next to you for about 3 seconds to thaw you, then you respawn. If the entire enemy team is frozen, the match ends and the opposing team wins.


Like quake live? If so agreed.

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Team deathmatch but with four teams instead?

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Slow Fire / Instatag reminds me of One in the Chamber in call of duty. That game is fun when the players are hopeless, and it is all in the matter of melee between both the players. Each kill they get a bullet.

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Perhaps there could be a mode where it isn’t one shot = one kill, but instead just play for points.Could be Free for All or Team based, just the main idea of getting the most points to win.


Honestly I don’t think i’ve seen a laser tag place that does any of these modes. Where is the TDM/DM?

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Last Man Standing sounds like a good one for being a pretty classic style, and should be included along side other, more unique game modes

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I have a couple of ideas for potential laser tag Game modes that could be implemented. These ideas are partially based upon my experiences going to many different laser tag locations, as well as some First-Person Shooters I have seen/played.

King of the Hill:

This game is a free for all where each player has unlimited lives, but loses a life after three hits. They are then unable to fire laser pulses until they recharge at a weapon station. When a player loses a life, the player who delivered the final hit scores one point. Once the timer starts, the first player to score a point becomes the King of the Hill. While a player is King of the Hill, they get a 2x point multiplier and are able to make other players lose a life after only getting hit once. A player can lose their King of the Hill status either if they lose a life (the player who delivered the final hit becomes King of the Hill themselves), or if 30 seconds have elapsed from them having become King of the Hill (a new King of the Hill is determined by the same method presented above). The winner is the person who has the most points after time runs out.

Possible additions:

  • Point boosters that are scattered throughout the map that randomly activate (with only one being active at a time) and award points after a player shoots it (they won’t be active when a new King of the Hill is being determined)

Node Capture/Capture the Nodes: (Partially based off of the Onslaught Game-mode from Unreal Tournament 2004)

There are two teams for which each member has unlimited lives. Each team starts at a headquarters on opposing sides of the map. Throughout the map, there are various nodes that are linked to each-other in a symmetrical pattern across each half of the map so that one teams headquarters can be connected to the other team’s headquarters via an unbroken connection of linked nodes. At the start of the game, all nodes are neutral (I.E. not controlled by either team). To take control of a neutral node, the node must be linked to either your headquarters or a node controlled by your team, and you must stand in an activation area next to the node for some specified amount of time (10-20seconds?). To attack an opponent’s node, the enemy node also must be linked to either your headquarters or a node controlled by your team. Each node has a set amount of health which gets depleted by hitting a moving marker on the node. Once the node’s health is depleted, it becomes a neutral node that can be captured. If a player runs out of health and loses a life, they are unable to shoot any laser pulses until they recharge at their team headquarters. Once an unbroken connection of linked nodes is made by one team to the opposing team’s headquarters, their headquarters become vulnerable and your team can attack it; they are attacked in a similar fashion as with the nodes, but the headquarters have more health. One team can win by:

  • Destroying the opposing team’s headquarters (before time runs out)
  • Having more health in your team’s headquarters than the opposing team’s headquarters (after time runs out)
  • Having your team control more nodes than the opposing team (if both team’s headquarters have the same amount of health after time runs out)

If each of the above conditions are tied, then the game is a draw.

Possible additions:

  • Each node and team headquarters could have some sort of minor defense system that shoots arbitrarily around it once it is attacked. It would only last for a short time after the node falls below full health
  • Some mechanism for healing the nodes after they have been damaged and while not under attack
  • Map hazards/traps scattered throughout the map

I’d rather have the classic shooter gamemodes than the more unique stuff