Laser Tag: Gameplay


We need all of them! They’re all so much fun


I think we should have a objective with this Laser Tag game.

For example: At Tenpin where I live, we run a capture the base game mode. Also the laser guns have multiple weapons instead of one laser. There are also recharge ports when your out of lives or ammo.


Team tag sound like it’d be the shit, boi.


It would be good to have a mode that’s closer to real laser tag. 2 teams with 10-20 minutes to get the highest score. If you’re hit, you’re unable to shoot for 10-15 seconds.


I don’t know how the teams system is going to work. I’m positive it’s possible to implement, but having teams significantly increases the minimum player count required for a game, something that just may cause the activity to be left alone by many.

Keeping it unique from SDNL, I think Laser Tag would benefit from some additional parameter or objective to the game, such as tagging specific people in a combo or perhaps a bit of stealth. The other ideas are great as well, however.


I’m imaging before I play laser tag an old man will step in and will list the rules like no jumping’, then all the users will have to repeat the rules that were listed.


We need Team or FFA Deathmatch. Basically, unlimited lives, the person with the most kills win. Team Deathmatch is the same, the team with the most kills win.


would be cool if we can vote before the game start, which mode you want to play

  • Team deathmatch
  • King of the hill /Domination [2Teams]
  • Elimination // 5 Rounds á 2 mins Kill the enemy Team.

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I went for Team Elimination and Terminators, since they seemed fun without seeming too close to other gamemodes. Team Tag would probably be my third choice.

Classic / Last Man Standing seems too close to SDNL to really justify implimenting.

Slow Fire / Instatag seems like it could be fun, but I think it might just get a bit too frustrating as half the players will inevitably get tagged before they have a chance to even spot someone.


From my experiences from doing Laser Tag. Either a CTF Mode or (i’m not sure what it’s called as I haven’t done Laser Tag for years but i’ll try explain it)

There were two bases, or “headquaters” You would have to invade the other teams base and shoot the special node to score points. The team with the most points would win. Or instead of that, the base has a certain amount of health. If the node gets shot too much it’ll get destroyed and the other team would win. We also had a special spawn room you would run back to and get more health or “respawn” with special “turrets” that would shoot anyone who gets too close.


Team Elimination and Terminators sound cool. Free For All would be cool too.


Do you smell that? It’s freedom.

Not sure how it’s relevant to anything though



discourse says i need a complete sentence, so


I like the team tag but it should be more of a tdm kinda thing where if you get tagged its a point for the other team


I voted for Team Tag & Terminators as those two seem to be the most unique and fun, although I’d honestly like if it there was a simpler Free For All with infinite lives like actual laser tag places have. I would have voted for Classic, but the permadeath aspect kinda placed that below terminators.

I also want to ask how many players each game would have? Seeing as a lot of these modes are about eliminating other players, I can see games being extremely quick. I suppose a solution would be to add some more lives / HP for the one-life ones, or making it so that games of LT are multiple rounds long.

Overall I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see what happens with this. I hope we’ll eventually get to see more modes being introduced into the game as all the choices did sound like fun, as well as the suggestions I’ve read in the comments. Thanks Pixeltail!



More Friendly Version, instead of PvP make it PvE. Where the players play against the environment, this could be implemented in many ways. The simplest form would be bots but more interesting modes would utilize objects on the field to gain an advantage in the game. I’m thinking “Tagging Towers” or “Shield Towers”.

Sound interesting?


Not at all


i would just like a generic 4v4 thing


Whatever you go with, make it differentiate from what you planned for Slaughterday Night Live. Some folks here are clamoring for FFA and DM, but I know that itch will be more than fixed when SDL comes around.

For that reason I’m more inclined to vote for the Team Based game modes (especially the one with 4 teams)