January 2021 Condo Contest (Race Track)

Hey everyone!

For January, we’re doing another Race Track Condo Contest.

So, for this contest, simply make a race track in a Condo! You can theme it however you like, but it should be a race track (or course) that can be used by vehicles in the game.

RC vehicles and regular vehicles can be purchased at the Arcade or Toy Stop.

The contest ends on February 1st, 2021 at 12:00AM CST.


  • 1st Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 500,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 250,000 Units

Note: Participation prizes (75k) may be rewarded to participants when we are pleased with the entries, along with other bonuses for close contenders.

Prize amounts / Places may be raised depending on the types/amounts of entries.


  • Must fit within the theme!
  • Must be appropriate content (no nudity, hate speech, etc.)
  • Must post at least 3 pictures of your condo.
  • Must be something new - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.
  • If you make something in a pre-existing Condo build, or if you significantly rework your condo to fit into the theme, make sure to focus your pictures on the area you’re submitting for the contest. (I strongly encourage these types of builders to submit before and after pictures to help us judge.)

How To Submit:

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo as a reply to this thread as your entry to the contest. If you can’t upload images here, use an external image hosting service such as Imgur to embed the images here.
  • Include your Steam ID in the submission, so we can award you the Units if you win! (If you aren’t sure how to send your Steam64 ID, just link to your Steam Profile in your submission post.)


Tower Unite now allows for Co-Op building in condos, and, since that is the case, we have some rules for submitting a Condo built with others.

You can go about submitting builds from Co-Op condos in two ways:

1. Everyone who participated in the build gets credit

An Example: Person A opens their condo for Person B and C to help them build a Haunted House. Person A builds the structure, and Person B and C help them decorate it. They all like how it came out as a whole, and want to submit it to the contest together.

  • If you submit this way, the owner of the Condo should make a post with pictures of the whole build.
  • Include the usernames and Steam IDS of everyone who participated.
  • If the entry wins, the prize will be divided equally amongst the participants.
  • Participation prizes (75k) will also be divided equally amongst participants, if applicable.

2. One person takes credit for their part of a larger build

An Example: Person A opens their Condo for Person B to help build a Haunted House in. Person A builds a cool maze next to the house, while Person B decorates a bunch of rooms on their own. Both want to submit their parts of the build separately.

  • If you submit this way, post pictures of the part of the Condo that you built.
  • Include your Steam ID.
  • If the entry wins, you will get the full prize.

Have fun, and if you need help with anything about the contest, let me know in this thread or in a private message!




I’m submitting my entry for the January 2021 Condo Contest with the course I made called “Sky Ride”!

I’m shocked to see there only be one other entry, I had a lot of fun participating in this contest and I was hoping others were as well. In either case, I put a ton of effort into this, hopefully I can win so I can break even lol.

I’ve arranged the screenshots to an imgur album that you can find here:
Imgur Album Link

And I’ve also made a video of me driving through the course, since it’s a fairly long course and its a bit involved; I wanted to give you an easy way to view the course in its full glory! You can find that link here:
YouTube Video Link

I’m not able to link my steam profile since new users are only able to make two links per post; so I used a tool to find my Steam64 ID its 76561198018667418. Let me know if that’s wrong or you’re otherwise not able to find me.

I look forward to participating in future contests and I hope I win this one!

PS: If you ever want to ride around on the course, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to show it off.



Name: No Driving In the Pool
(but no-one said you can drive on top of it)



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Alright everyone, the Condo Contest has concluded! Thank you to those who participated. We will now be judging the entries, and the winners will be announced tomorrow.

We ended up judging the results earlier than I expected, so our decision is in! Thank you again for participating. I raised the prize amounts a bit.

The winners are:
1st place - 1,200,000 Units @Tipper
2nd place - 700,000 Units @Plasma
3rd place - 500,000 Units @muntyStain

Your prizes will be given out soon.

Keep an eye out for the next contest!


The units have been distributed! Congratulations to everyone who participated, and see you all in the next one!