Is there a way to force VR in Tower Unite?

Before VR was disabled entirely because of launch complications with the Vive and SteamVR, I could launch TU with my rift turned on and it would boot in VR. It was great fun to go and see people’s condo creations right there in front of me, or to go around on the ferris wheel and see the sights, or fly to the top of the map and fall…

…I quite miss it. I really miss it, actually.

So I was wondering if it’s possible to force the game to boot, using Oculus runtime or something.


you could use virtual desktop I guess, it’s not VR but I guess you can have the game in your face… that reminds me that I have to try that with my 1080

Also if they find a way to do room-scale VR I would get super freaking hyped :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure they said they werent doing room-scale and they were only going to do a sit-down thing

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still, it would be awesome though :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it would be fun for those who have the required technology. The others would feel left out if some of the game was “VR only” when they paid for a game that wasnt made for it.

Yeah, but I’m on win7, which is unsupported by virtual desktop. I’d totally use it, but it’s not really playing TU in VR, it’s just simulating having a monitor in front of me, which is what I’m already doing.

I’m talking about some file somewhere that I can edit to enable VR again, so I can play in 3D and stuff.

what do you mean windows 7 is unsupported by virtual desktop, I can use it no problem :\

Not what he’s looking for.

Room-scale VR is severely limiting (you can only move around your small area), takes a ton of development time, and… doesn’t really add anything fun?

Even though I plan on getting an HTC Vive, I’m going to wait until they repackage it so you can buy it without the room-scale VR features because those features just simply aren’t fun for me, and it raises the price significantly.

So I definitely oppose wasting development time on a niche feature which doesn’t add anything to the game.

More on-topic: @Cakemagic - I definitely agree that, even though I despise the oculus and the way they have decided to push extreme proprietary bullshit, being able to use Rift's VR features shouldn't be restricted simply because of complications with the Vive. Though again, this is all temporary as Vive & Rift functionality will be implemented in full by release.
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They said they couldnt find any good headtracking solutions for Win7, so they just dropped support.

still works though in windows 7 :confused:

I hate to be that pushy guy on the forums, but does anyone know a way to force VR? I long to see the plaza from the top of the ferries wheel again, or to watch the sunset in my condo…

It feels like some lost memory, like an old experience that I’d gladly pay to relive

Don’t think it’s possible, unfortunately. I looked through some threads for other UE4 games (mostly ARK), and it seems there isn’t a way to do so once it’s disabled.
If you really just want 3d, you can set -emulatestereo in your launch options, which will start the game in cross-eyed view, but I couldn’t find an equivalent for side-by-side.

as someone who wants 3d Vision support, I feel your struggles :cry:

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