When can we expect VR to be enabled again?

I know there’s this thread.

And this one.

But when can we expect it to be enabled again? Obviously it’s not gonna be a number 1 priority, but any word on the matter from a dev would be nice.

I mean yeah, the game isn’t VR ready, and I know that. The reason it was disabled was because TU would auto-boot in VR if you had a vive plugged in, and there wasn’t much of a way to stop this from happening unless you turned off your vive.

But imo, if I want to force UI into my eyeballs and deal with extreme judder just to get a glimpse of my friend’s awesome condo in 3D, I would definitely take that opportunity. And the seven aspirins that come after.

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VR isn’t a priority for the game at the the moment, and it is unknown if the feature will return in the future. When we were originally planning VR support, the VR landscape was a very different beast than it is now, and we would have to fully re-do complete sections of the game to support it.

Because of this, VR support isn’t our main focus, and while it could be added in a later update, there is nothing official on the pipeline at this time.


Hm, alright. In the event that you guys actually work on VR one day, are you planning on roomscale for the vive?

I definitely think it should be in the game at some point after EA since its been something mentioned in the indiegogo and… Well if it was done right it would be freaking awesome. If anyone wants to try a social VR experience on the vive I recommend giving rec room a try

Out of curiosity: What sections would that be? Fully re-do sounds to me like nothing of the current version could be used.

Sorry for the necro but that is total BS. You guys keep talking about VR as if roomscale is a requirement for VR. There are plenty of awesome sit-down VR experiences. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, EVE: Valkyrie, currently every game on both the Rift and PSVR. You wouldn’t have to change hardly anything about this game except for the UI. The game itself lends itself perfectly to a seated VR experience.

I never once mentioned this as the reason.

We would need to alter the game to support VR, this is a fact. If we do something, we aren’t going to half ass it, we’re going to make it worth it. Just rewriting some UI and calling it a day isn’t the type of solution we would be looking to go after.

As I said before, VR support isn’t a priority, and there is nothing official coming soon at this time.

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I never said you did. In one of these other posts, Mac was talking about roomscale. But yeah, I can certainly respect not wanting to compromise on quality. If only more devs had that attitude. I don’t know much about programming, so I guess adding VR is just more difficult than it seems. Sorry if I sounded angry. It wasn’t intentional. I appreciate the response, though. I do really hope VR support comes eventually, but for now just keep up the great work. Really looking forward to the release of the arcade.

EDIT: You know, I am curious, though. If UE4 has built-in support for VR, why would it be so hard to make this game a seated VR experience? I mean, I know the UI would be a pain to redo, but is there more that goes into it that I’m just unaware of. I haven’t done a ton of research into UE4’s VR support but it seems to me like the game, as it is now, would lend itself perfectly to being a seated experience. I mean it already has controller support. Add in the HMD support and that’s basically what every game on the Rift is right now. Legitimately just curious, that’s all.

as caboose said, if they were to add VR they don’t want to half ass it, also seated VR experiences don’t really work particularly well especially for a game like TU.