Is the Legend Store still a thing?

i was wondering is this “legend store” i heard some talk about still a thing? saw it on a post about getting gameworld props, and was wondering if it’ll still become a thing. cause i’d love to have the LC props to use in the condos.

sorry ahead of time if this was already asked, i looked around and didn’t see a recent question about it.

I haven’t heard anything about a “legend store” that would be added to the game.

As for the props from gameworlds we did once have a post where someone suggested that the devs allow us to buy furniture from the plaza, sadly there’s no mention of gameworld items there:

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ah, was wondering cause i saw a post back in may of 17 by Mac mentioning some thing called a legend store, where you could buy gameworld props or something like that.

it was from this post. Rob's Gameworld Imports

This was already talked about with Mac in Discord many times.
There will be a store where its stock is items themed from gameworld maps.

This came about many times from people wanting the ball race bumpers as an actual functioning piece of furniture. So there will be one someday, when that may be is unknown.


neat, well i’m really looking foward to that then.

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