Rob's Gameworld Imports

Gameworld Imports would be a new subsection of Rob’s where one could unlock and buy items from the various Gameworlds. The actual buying would be done with units, but the unlocking would require a new currency- Gameworld tokens.

Gameworld tokens would be a new currency tied to the upcoming badge system. For every n XP they get, the player would be rewarded with a token of the gameworld they got the XP from. There would be no upper limit on tokens, so players would be able to earn more tokens even after finishing the last levels of their badges.

As I said, tokens would be tied to certain gameworlds. For example, if you’d play Virus, you’d earn Virus tokens that you could use to unlock Virus furniture at Rob’s. Same with the other Gameworlds. Spending time in the lobby would also net you Lobby tokens spendable on lobby-specific furniture and items. (no casino/arcade machines)

Just to be clear, those items I’m talking about would be stuff that’s already in the game. Think weapon racks, carts and birb statues for LC, hospital beds for Virus, etc)

I personally don’t like the idea of having more than one currency


There is a similar system called Legends Stores planned already.