I try getting into a server then I get kicked out and the error below pops up:


I keep getting this error. I get into a server for a few seconds and then I get kicked out and this error pops up. After trying to enter a server again, I just get a black screen. I saw other people getting this error and tried the suggestions they gave to fix it, but none of them worked. I can’t tell if I’m banned or something. Can I please get some suggestions to fix this? Or at the very least, confirmation if I’m banned or not? Please and thank you.

Update (FIX): I fixed the issue by repairing the Steam service. I could’ve sworn I already tried this but I guess not. Thank you to everyone attempting to help.

Make sure you have a connection with Steam. This error occurs when your Steam client cannot make a connection to the Steam backend servers.

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I’m not sure I quite understand. Can you please explain in further detail? Preferably, instructions on making this “connection”?

I don’t have any specific instructions as each network is different and the cause could be from various issues. I would just make sure there is nothing preventing Steam from having a connection to Valves servers, as that is what causes the error.

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Could be worth checking to see if your firewall is denying some kind of access or antivirus maybe. the antivirus i use requires me to re-enable internet access to tower unite whenever it gets an update. i don’t know if something similar might be happening on your end but it’s worth a check

He means to look at the top right corner of the main menu and see if it says Connected