[BUG] Can't join plaza (fixed)

With global chat working, able to join other’s games and others are able to do the same on mine I’m still not able to join plaza for 2 days.
Either an error pops up:

Or I’m getting stuck on the black screen for no reason.
Before all of these events happening I had to revalidate game’s files to download a missed update worth 12.1gb (???).
Update: It now has a random chance of loading in properly.
If specs are to be required then tell me.

Edit: started receiving vaccheck auth fail, I’ll run steam fixing tool
Fix: Repaired system files by following steam guide

What exactly do you mean by “repaired system files”? If you’re referring to verifying the game files, I already did that and it didn’t work. Although I’m not sure if those two things are the same.

sorry for late reply