How much I should open gold catsacks for getting cosmic catsack?

In game I opened about 20 gold catsacks and dont get cosmic catsack, how much I need open gold catsacks for getting COSMIC catsack???

Cosmic catsack is very very hard to get.


And how much golds I need open for 100% getting cosmic? 100 or more? I know it rare :confused:

This person opened 100 and only got I think 2. @Lefty

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There is not a way of guaranteeing a cosmic, it’s just luck.


I think I get cosmic catsack only after a year with my luck…

I have now 20 silver catsacks and 4 normal catsacks
Now I want open them again

Just so you know cosmic catsacks can’t be opened at the moment. You can get them but you just cant open it.

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I know

Ok just making sure

If u want to see how I open them you can join my highrise :upside_down_face:

I am busy at the moment but it would be great I’d you can record or shadowplay it :grinning:


You have asked this question in the discord multiple times and we give you the same answer every single time. I really don’t know what you’re not understanding.

I cant upload these videos but maybe can send in discord

EDIT: I cant send it in discord sry

Ah np

I’ve easily opened more than 100 golds and still only have one cosmic catsack.

I recommend getting as many Golden Catsacks as you possibly can get and opening them all at once since (for me atleast) it seems that it increases the chance of rarer items, when you decide to open them do not leave the condo until you have opened all of them, if you are after the Cosmic Catsack I would highly recommend opening a minimum of 100 Golden Catsacks or higher to maximize the chances of you getting it, if you ever need more Golden Catsacks Treasure Of The Sea which is a plaza treasure hunt event gives out alot of Golden Catsacks if you farm them long enough, just stay on the plaza and keep doing the event and you will be good to go, I have personally earned about 100 Golden Catsacks this way.

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Thanks for help, Nina! I will try this variant!