Hi, i'm an sjw


The only probable reasons you clicked on this was either cause you have some sort of hate for SJWs or you are trying to find people that don’t hate SJWs. Or maybe you don’t know what SJW is. So to start of it means “Social Justice Warrior”. Which is not even a real thing. It’s a insult created by people who get called out on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and such. They use this as a way to ignore your arguments and push your points aside as meaningless. Politically Correct or PC is also used in the same way.

So if you disagree with all of that i wrote above, this is probably your time to leave, because this thread isn’t for you. If you agreed, great! Why don’t you either private message me, post on this thread or add me on my steam and i can give you a full introduction on who i am.




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this thread is silly
this is an edit
so I mean like this entire thread

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Go back to Tumblr plz.

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At least you’re not a feminazi.

I’m not sure that makes the devs SJWs. Most places on the internet are moderated to minimize these kinds of inappropriate contents and usually it’s common sense not to post these things so you don’t even have to read the guidelines telling you so. It’s really not that hard to just be excellent to each other.


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or will i rather net enemies here.

Not sure if that’s exactly a healthy attitude about meeting new people.


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It’s almost like there are rules or something…


Well see the term SJW is a false created term. I use it in a comedy sense because no one takes it seriously. No one on tumblr or any other social justice platform identify as an SJW, and really only people that don’t understand equality movements minimize them to calling them “dose damn essjay w”. So if SJW would mean anything in common language, its anyone that is against racism, homophobia, sexism, and such. And i qualify for that aswell as the devs do. Cause the only times i get called a damn evil sjw is when i say something is sexist, racist or homophobic.

I mean i guess i could qualify for the term “feminazi” cause just about anyone that says women experience sexism gets call that by conservatives and 4channers and redditors. Still the term itself just like SJW is dumb.

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“It’s a Me! WallIO”

If the first thing you write in an introduction thread is “Hi, i’m an sjw” then clearly you are just trying to argue with people or you are just crazy. Introduce yourself like you would in real life, you don’t just walk up to people and go “Hello my name is ___ and I hate ___ group of people!” Anyways, welcome to the forums, and please don’t just try to yell at people ingame because they disagree with you on something that has nothing to do with the game.



Way to make your presence known. Welcome to the forums.

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I don’t see how hating on people that are racist, homophobic or sexist is a bad thing? The point of an introduce yourself is to be approached by people with shared interest. And if someone gets upset when i state “hey i don’t want racist, sexism, homophobic people to add me”, then maybe those are just the people i don’t want to add?