Hi, i'm an sjw

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Nice to meet you all, hope to see you in the game!

I think he’s trying to say that it comes off as specifically listing it to get a reaction from people, now keep in mind I obviously didn’t write it, i’m just saying that it’s how his message came off to me

Countering hate with hate? One can do better.


Yeah i can understand that, but i still don’t see how that would upset people? Its like saying “hey i think hitler was a terrible person” and i get blamed because i incited a negative reaction from neo-nazis. Like that just seems like common knowledge, ya know?

Hate with hate? You’re telling me i should love people that would hate me just because i was born a specific way? Then how will you teach them that such behavior is bad and wrong? Love never worked for educating people on such things and i don’t really think u have the right to really tell people how they should deal with hate directed at them.

Well in some cases, positivity goes a lot longer than negativity, simply hating someone won’t teach them that it’s bad if they already know that it has a negative stigma attached to it they won’t care. This is from my own experiences.

Well i don’t see why positivity should be wasted on such people? I for one sure don’t want to waste any of mine.

Call me a misguided Optimist, but I feel like Positivity is something that everyone deserves, Do you know everyone’s personal history? It’s a little hard to truly know someone just by their “public” appearance without knowing anything else about them, don’t get me wrong, there’s horrible people in the world, but why spend your time stooping to their level and spreading negativity, when you can focus on spreading positivity instead? I don’t mean to make this sound like an argument, this is just how I view the whole situation

See but there is plenty of terrible people out there that are not really worth your time. Especially if a lot of the times those people make you the butt of the joke when u spend time with them, why waste time and energy on these people when you could spend that time with people that love you and consider you equal and not just a joke? Lifes too short to spend it with the wrong people, which is why i made this thread to find the right ones. Besides that i’m not here to debate political views or anything else, i’m just here to find people like me and thats why the topic name and message is there, to catch those peoples eyes. Anyone else that comes on here to lecture their view about some crap is not worth my time. But i still will try to explain my position to them if they question it because I too am a misguided Optimist.

and I can respect that, all I’m saying is that in my own personal opinion, No one is ever not worth my time, the way I learned equality is giving everyone the same equal respect, even if their opinions or morals differ from your own, we all share a planet, why spend our time dwelling in the negatives when we can work on making it a more positive place? Point is, I can see what you mean, and I can respect it, I’m simply stating my own views on the matter in the hope that the same respect is given to them.

Yeah i respect your positive outlook on the world, but in my opinion if we gave every person the same amount of respect, we would not punish criminals. Every human deserves the basic human decency and respect, but everything beyond that is depending on their actions in life. Which is why i am against sexism, racism, homophobia and such, because these things don’t depend on a human’s actions, it depends on a human’s pure existence. And i do in fact hate it.

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I am just saying this is a video game forum, not a political debate. Believe what you want, but yelling at people because they don’t agree with you on something that has nothing to do with the forum or game you are on just seems ridiculous.

I dont really see what you mean by yelling at people? I’m not yelling at anyone. All i’m saying “Hello Tower Unite, id like to find friends that are not racist sexist or homophobic, thank you”. Yall are just projecting that i’m waging a war here because you come on here and start debating your own views. I’m not debating anyone, but if someone will question my views i’ll respond, cause i’m nice.

Wonderful internet people, once again, do not fail to disappoint me, or give me a long chuckle.

By this point this thread is turning into satire.

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I thought it was satire since the beginning…

m8 you don’t have to be a SJW to be a normal human being, I’m against homophobia, sexism, racism but does that make me a SJW? No, it makes me a nice human bean

He uses the term ironically as explained here. He is looking for other people that do the same as explained here. He’s not a SJW, he just likes to emphasize in a comedic way that he sees himself as a decent human being.

Well most people would assume someone is a decent human being until proven otherwise

See thats what i think too, but every time i say “hey can yall not use the n word” or “hey that thing u said is sexist” i get called a damn SJW on the servers, and i don’t want to be friends with people that consider calling out people an “sjw” thing.

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