Halloween Minigames?

So I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be halloween minigames for the halloween update but it appears those are not working atm : (
I was wondering if we will expect to see them this halloween or not.


If you take a look at the daily dev logs, you’ll see that a lot of progress is being made with regards to fixing and re-implementing the minigames. They should be available by the end of the event.

So no minigames for the Halloween event?

tfw you realize that gmod tower had better Halloween events

Not sure if comparing it to Gmod Tower is fair. The game is not finished yet, and they’re working on fixing the minigames anyways.


Please direct your attention to the post directly above you:

The devs said that the event would last into the first week ov November. Implementing the games after Halloween would feel kind of pointless.

Not really since they’re part of the event and it’s a Halloween event. Who cares what the calendar says? We’re playing it now and it’s not Halloween yet. So if it’s not pointless before Halloween, why is it so pointless afterwards?

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Because playing a Halloween event in November makes me sad

I have stated multiple times that I have been focusing on the minigames and so has the team. I do not work on Wednesdays or Thursdays. A patch will most likely be out by Friday or Saturday.

I’d also like to remind you that GMT had events only 3 years into its development and it never had events for Lobby 2. The minigames in GMT were incredibly simple and caused massive lag.

Please read these posts for more information:

Also, Caboose stated it might go into a week of November, it may be longer than that.

These minigames have to be pretty efficient for the Plaza as we’re using the same minigame system for non-Halloween minigames.


but why don’t you work as fast as i want you to mickdgray??? what the heck, this is awful!!!


Alright, thank you for your answer. I am sorry that I posted this without seeing the proper info beforehand.

Cut them some slack dude. They are doing the best they can. This is how early access works; you run into unforseen problems and have to backtrack a little.