How to play the Halloween mini-games / How does the event stuff work?

The event is rather confusing with no info on how it works. Sat in the plaza a while and flew around it all.

  1. How do we play the Halloween mini-games?

So far I found “finding a skeleton” & a cauldron asking for forgotten remains (but how to obtain these?) in the central plaza.

The update says 2 mini-games & a treasure finding event, so it is rather confusing. I assume finding the skeleton is 1 of the mini-games, but what about the rest?

  1. Are the items given by the skeleton the limited ones and the only way to get them?

I think a small guide posted here & on steam would really help players out if someone figures it all out :3

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  1. The minigames just start randomly.
    1a. The 2 minigames are pumpkin shooting and ghost shooting. The treasure event is the forgotten remains event. The randomly spawned npcs are just another event, not a minigame.

  2. Yes, the npcs give out the exclusive items.

Due to issues with the minigames we had to disable them. Here’s our Discord announcement:

We’re taking out the Plaza minigames so we can improve them and make them more stable. This was our first minigame test with this large amount of players. This has been really useful to us. Thank you! We’ll be re-enabling them as we make our adjustments.

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Will the event be extended to compensate?

Nothing wrong with Halloween stuff still around in mid November :3 - Especially since it is EA and you guys put all that work into it already. I am sure most would love a “better late than never” approach for these.

Since it fits into this - could the Halloween event run till mid November at minimum since it started near the end of October, and you guys put in all the work? It looks better than the default plaza anyway IMO.

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