First off, I know this isn’t the GMod Tower section. But I didn’t see any Suggestions category in GMod Tower.

I’ve just always notice that GMod Tower has SWEPS that I’ve never seen anywhere else but in-game.
e.g. Puke SWEP, Ghost Tracker, Get Over Here! SWEP, “RYNO V” SWEP, and many more that don’t even have names.

My point of this topic is if we will ever have the ability to have these in sandbox or something else.
I really want that fucking Puke SWEP man.

The chances of being able to have these SWEP as a normal user (not in actually in-game GMod Tower) is Fucked/10

If an Admin can tell me a possible way I can get my dirty hands on one of these SWEPs I shall praise that admin.

Just incase I made absolutely no sense in this, here is the short version.

-Enjoy Cookies

The reason you didn’t see this, is that there are no suggestions for Gmod Tower anymore. GMT will be shutting down in Mid 2016 right after the Early Access Release of Tower Unite. Therefore, all suggestions made should be made with Tower Unite in mind, not GMT.

I think they said something about not releasing the source code, or content, of GMTower after it shuts down.
I’ll edit this if I can grab the quote.

EDIT: Here

Yes, I KNOW that.
I’m just asking because before GMT shutdowns I wanted something like the SWEPs from GMod Tower.

I know why there are no suggestions because they aren’t taking suggestions. It’s not really for GMod Tower its for GMod as a whole.

I thought that was only for people who wanted to make they’re own server.

Plus they said they weren’t taking down the workshop content, so what I meant was having it as a addon. Like “GMod Tower SWEPs”

u feel me?

They’re not taking the workshop content down.

They’re not releasing anything that wasn’t already on the workshop.

Those SWEPs took time and effort to script, and things like the Paranormal Detector rely on other content, too, so having that would be pointless unless you wanted to get into a string of requesting more and more of the content be released publicly, which is exactly what PixelTail /don’t/ want.

Thats exactly what I said, read it. It says "Plus they said they weren’t taking down the workshop content

When they were talking about that I’m pretty sure they were talking about how GMod Tower actually runs. Not the content within it.
The SWEPs themselves could possibly be found within the GMod Tower addons folders.

I would’ve personally perferred a reply from an admin.

(And I didn’t specifically say you needed the Paranormal Detector)

I know what you said, I was affirming it. Do me a favour and cut your attitude.

If they could be found in the addon folders, someone probably would’ve found them by now.
Sure, they didn’t say they /wouldn’t/ release non-core parts, but they never said they /would/, either. I think it’s safe to assume the current workshop content is all we’re getting, unless stated otherwise.

The Paranormal Detector was just an example, a lot of the non-core content still relies on other content within. requesting one item to be released could easily result in people needing/wanting more released, and I’m sure PixelTail staff would appreciate not having to cater to things like this whilst they’re busy working on TU.

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You can find the GMod Tower materials, sounds, etc within the GMT files so I don’t see why you couldn’t find other things like SWEPs.

I’m not saying that its a denfinite thing, I’ve been saying it’s just a possibility.

The Paranormal Detector isn’t a very good example as you do need other content to for it such as the monster to detect.

I was talking more about SWEPs such as: The Puke SWEP, Get Over Here!, and RYNO SWEP (whatever that is). As they only need mainly materials and sounds to work.

Like I said, PixelTail are very busy working full time on TU, if it’s not compiled in a way for the public to readily use it, they’d have to set that up in their own time, and even then that assumes they /want/ to publicly release that kind of content.

Safe to assume what we have now, is what we have.

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I know that they’re working fulltime on TU.
I had never said the addons had to be working properly or it had to be pixelTail to make/ release them.

They’d have to at least release the source code for the SWEPs, then. Again, that depends on whether or not they want to.

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True, but like I said there is a possibility that someone can just get the SWEP from the game files. And even if no one had done it yet not everyone actually knew about these SWEPs.

Bearing in mind GMTower’s been a thing since, like, 2010. I’d think in five years, at least one experienced user would’ve came along and reverse engineered things like the Puke SWEP.

I’ve messaged @macdguy on Steam asking about the SWEPs, I’ll let you know what comes of it.

And as I said not everyone knew that things like how you can Puke when you’re drunk in-game was actually a SWEP.

I’ve only seen it because it was in Foohy’s inventory.
And I saw MacDGuy and Mistaria use the Get Over Here! and RYNO SWEPs.

Like I said, I’ve sent a message. I’ll get back to you on it.

Ok, I didn’t get your 2nd reply until I already replied.

I linked this thread, too, so when he has a moment he might come along and give an official response.