Was a completely different concept, but still.

But now to the thread: Honestly, I think releasing the SWEPS wouldn’t hurt. Most of them are pretty small and quickly made I think. Like, the PUKE Swep simply makes you puke on left click, so all the code should talk about is some if leftclick then ply:puke stuff. The Get Over Here! SWEP is probably just a sound SWEP, although it could do some other misc stuff. RYNO V is just a rocket launcher that must be from ratchet & clank, from what I gathered.

It was released in 2009 but started developement in 2006.

The only screenshot I could fined of GMod Tower before 2009 is this one.

I’m still not sure however considering the fact its maybe by some random person named “Ryx_Eucile” back in 2007


And because the developers are all working on TU; I personally wouldn’t mind if even community members recreated them.

This is a giant mess of replies to read and I don’t know if someone said it yet, but they are admin SWEPS that would be abused if players had them.

Oh my gosh. Really? ugh. we’re talking about on SINGLEPLAYER. NOT ACTUAL GMOD TOWER.

I looked in the addon files, all the code seems to be handled serverside, the client just has materials models sounds map and UI files.

That brings me back to a previous statement; We’ll have to wait for a dev response as it’s purely down to them as to whether or not they want to compile and release public versions.

I believe the answer lies in this. The Dev team has already said they will not be releasing ANY source code. That woud include server side items and controllers. What you are able to get from the Workshop is all that will be preserved when the server go down.

As stated before, this will need a dev response, but I’m 95% sure what you are asking for will NOT be released.

This whole topic has been talking about something like singleplayer within GMod.
Not actual GMod Tower.

As I said previously…

Releasing the SWEPs would raise a few issues for me to deal with. There’s the “taking the steps to put it on workshop”, which is not really fun. There’s the “gotta update it to make sure it never breaks with a GMod update”, which is also not really fun.

I’ve actually always wanted to release them, but I just haven’t had time to. I, unfortunately, still probably don’t have time to. Releasing something means I have to actually package it up and make sure it doesn’t suck and it’s compatible with stuff.

(I haven’t even released DragonDrop)

I also don’t want to really help the GMod community anymore. I’ve given enough and I’m kinda over GMod development. I’d rather put my off time into Tower Unite or other Unreal 4 projects.

I know that’s probably not the answer you were looking for and it might come out as if I’m lazy, but really when it comes to GMod, I am very lazy these days. I did the Halloween update because my wife and her friends thought it would be cool and I got a small spark of interest again. I really love Halloween, though.


So, if Mac (nice cat there) isn’t working on Gmod anymore, this means no Christmas event. (Those were boring anyway) But that also means Tower Unite comes out tomorrow. Because logic.

This is what my cat does 24/7.

This is more of a response I was looking for.
I respect your decision as I understand how scripting and mapping with GMod is absolute shit.

I don’t consider you lazy, I considered myself a bother for asking about the SWEPs in the first place.


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