Game Crash on Startup

It was working but I left it not played for long and it got updated several times then it is not working.

I already tried to verify integrity, uninstall-delete local tower folder-reinstall, update windows, no luck.

It start with loading spinner, then it fast changing to PixelTail Games logo, then high cpu and memory usage, even my 24GB memory got filled up fast. Then crash to desktop without any message.

Please help!!!

This will undo your player customization stuff (your colors and outfit) along with your hotbar, but you could try deleting the ClientPlayerData folder in the Steam Directory. You could try renaming it to something else instead of deleting it.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower

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ClientPlayerData2 deleted, still same crash.

Btw, my steamapps folder not in the C drive, it is moved to my other drive, my Tower folder is at D:\steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower

If it’s crashing, we’d have more info if it generated a minidump. I don’t know if it’s generating them, due to the nature of your crash, but here’s how to check if it’s made a dump.

From @Zak:

If it’s made a dump, put it here and we’ll have a better idea as to why your game is crashing!

Unfortunately, it is not generating any
C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Tower\Saved\Logs is empty

I use -log -verbose as the command line argument and got this information:
[2017.10.06-10.07.24:555][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsNoEditor
[2017.10.06-10.07.24:555][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 111.84 MB used, 111.84 MB peak
[2017.10.06-10.07.24:557][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 114.70 MB used, 114.70 MB peak
[2017.10.06-10.07.24:557][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 3159.82 MB used, 21057.05 MB free, 24216.88 MB total
[2017.10.06-10.07.24:557][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 388.98 MB used, 21057.05 MB free, 134217728.00 MB total
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:160][ 0]TowerMedia.BrowserResolution = “720”
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:160][ 0]r.MaterialQualityLevel = “1”
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:160][ 0]r.ScreenPercentage = “100”
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:296][ 0]Command not recognized: None 100
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:307][ 0]Command not recognized: None 100
[2017.10.06-10.07.28:308][ 0]Command not recognized: None 100
[2017.10.06-10.08.58:939][ 8]Allocator Stats for binned2: (not implemented)

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1st I delete ClientPlayerData2
2nd I rename AssetRegistry.bin to xAssetRegistry.bin
launch the game
rename back xAssetRegistry.bin to AssetRegistry.bin

the folders are at the steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower

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