Food and drink "cool down"

I hate it when I have a nice set up of food and drink on a table and some jack hole joins my condo, eats it all, drinks all the drinks and then leaves, yes there is a way to get them back but I don’t want to do that every time. plus it will probably be patched soon.

A condo admin could have a small food and drink settings menu, in it there could be an option like “can they eat/drink the food/drink []yes []no” if no, any consumable items will become non interactive props, if yes, they they act as normal.

Another thing if this doesn’t fit is to have a “cool down timer” this would stop people from spam eating/drinking. Every time you eat/drink something you need to wait a set amount of time before you can eat/drink another item. The condo admin does not need to follow this rule for they are the ones who purchased the food/drink.

Anyway thanks for reading!


I really like the idea of being able to disable consumables from the condo settings.


Again, refering back to my condo options thread: Condo Rules

You didn’t include food and drinks.


I know but mac said “condo settings”.

Sorry? what are you trying to say? just saying “other settings” means nothing, you can’t go around getting pissed off at others for your vague post claiming you already have it written down when you don’t. Your post has nothing to do with food and drinks. Any other posts you see with condo settings that don’t involve what you have put down already just let them be, OK?


Ok, number one: Calm down. Number two, Don’t jump to conclusions. Number three, That suggestion was about condo settings where you can set if certain things are allowed or not. I was saying that mac should implement this because alot of people want it. I was saying that a way mac could implement this is if he used my idea. Thank you.

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heh, reading back my comment now in the morning I did come across as a dick head, and for that I am sorry. I get your what you are trying to say in your original post. You could of said that this idea would work with your idea, not “Again, refering back to my condo options thread: Condo Rules” that came off as a little rude, like you had already said it. I do like the idea for better condo settings, we just need the ideas to fit. Sorry again! hope you have a good day!

Ok, :smiley: you too! I like how you say sorry. Most people don’t, and speaking of saying sorry, sorry i wasn’t clear.

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Please don’t talk about how people don’t do _____ so often.

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