Emulation With Libretro & Tower Unite

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You can set a 30 FPS limit on Flycast by pressing either Left Alt or Left Thumb Stick Down.

Hi, I’m having an issue where I can’t opening the settings menu from any handheld. Holding down shift used to work, but after the last update it no longer functions, F1 doesn’t work either. I can’t get to the menu to select any ROM.

For handhelds you initially select ROMs by pressing R, after loading a game the shift/F1 menu should work.

Any prospect of getting the Dolphin core integrated? I’d love to help if there is a need for more developers, I’d do it for free :eyes:

I think it’s moreso Dolphin doesn’t run well and isn’t a core that is widely supported

Will we be getting an Analog Mode toggle for PSX games?
I don’t currently see a way to enable dualshock support in games that support it.

This is something I was curious about as well. Gameboy Advanced titles that often had an extended cartridge to act as a gyroscope, and wouldn’t work unless you added some way to simulate the gyroscopic-gameplay, such as with an analog stick or the arrow/number keys to simulate orientation.

Though I do greatly appreciate the fact you can rotate the dual-screen handhelds.

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