Emulation With Libretro & Tower Unite

Hi, I’m having an issue where I can’t opening the settings menu from any handheld. Holding down shift used to work, but after the last update it no longer functions, F1 doesn’t work either. I can’t get to the menu to select any ROM.

For handhelds you initially select ROMs by pressing R, after loading a game the shift/F1 menu should work.

Any prospect of getting the Dolphin core integrated? I’d love to help if there is a need for more developers, I’d do it for free :eyes:

I think it’s moreso Dolphin doesn’t run well and isn’t a core that is widely supported

Will we be getting an Analog Mode toggle for PSX games?
I don’t currently see a way to enable dualshock support in games that support it.

This is something I was curious about as well. Gameboy Advanced titles that often had an extended cartridge to act as a gyroscope, and wouldn’t work unless you added some way to simulate the gyroscopic-gameplay, such as with an analog stick or the arrow/number keys to simulate orientation.

Though I do greatly appreciate the fact you can rotate the dual-screen handhelds.

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I’m also having this issue. I try to play a game and instead of playing the game, I get teleported from my condo to the beach. I am running linux and using proton, but anticipated no issues as I use retroarch with proton and can emulate tons of systems with no problems. Does something in Tower glitch with proton when trying to use emulation?

wish you could connect the wires to the rca ports in the back on the crt tv

Hi, just a quick question, can I connect some controllers like Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii on the Liberto emulator and play games like Genesis, Snes, and Playstation1?

Yes (I did it with my Xbox one controller)

Can you share a picture of your controller setup?

It’s just an Xbox one controller (it’s just black and that’s it)

I see that some lightgun games like Time Crisis 1 have a misaligned crosshair that usually points to the top left of it. Any fixes or is it the cabinet itself? (Shootout Saloon)

Furthermore will these libretro cores be updated overtime if they have new versions or are they static?

Some games have issues with gun calibration regardless of the cabinet.

I plan to occasionally update them, but it would be a bi-yearly thing unless there’s a substantial change. We also have to check if the updates are still compatible with Tower.

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I’m a ridiculous person, and here’s why:

I was one of those people banging the drum on these forums for some kind of hack to let us set up arcades in TU, or play games, etc. And then it happened, and I was overjoyed, and I started building all kinds of goofy stuff that I haven’t shown off yet, and ooh I figured out how to emulate an Atari 800 game through DosBOX and and and…

…and I never said THANK YOU for doing this. So: thanks! It adds a whole new layer to the game. It opens up a whole world of possibilities for interesting things. If other people in your condo could see your screen, if a few more Libretro cores popped up from time to time, once we can reliably use an in-game cursor in a PC point and click, and a few other things get ironed out, maybe…

…picture some far future update, where you can rig up a Condo I/O thingy that opens up a secret door if you beat the first three levels of Pac-Man or something. Yes, I’m one of those people who still thinks Ready Player One had some cool idea, for heavens sake I built TowerZORK… ahem.

Anyway. This is incredible and thank you for doing it. I’m having fun.

(also: ATARI800 emulation would be boss)


Any chance anything will be done about the incredibly washed out colors? It doesn’t seem to have an effect on the Idle screen canvases, just when playing, the colors become severely blown out. Things that should be black are grey, and there’s just terrible contrast overall.

Hmm, seems to be nearby dynamic light sources are part of the problem. Some way to disable light reception on the screens would be nice.

I would love to know this too. There really needs to be more documentation for these things.

Could we have more cartridge variations in the future?

I’m setting the canvases for my collection by hand using the original art rather than the “catch all” box art from IGDB. I have Japan exclusives in my collections for the Genesis and the SNES, both of which have different shaped cartridges on that region and the art for them is wider than the NTSC/PAL cartridge.

For the SNES in particular it’s very apparent, I have to either crop at the sides which removes a lot of the content or have it get squashed by the game which only looks slightly better than the first option.

Also I was wondering why all variations look so faithful to the originals except for the Partycon 3D cartridge. The canvas region seems to be a perfect match but liberty was taken with the design, whereas the other ones are pretty much as 1:1 as possible. It doesn’t bother me, just something that caught my attention.


Will there be an option to do keybinding in the future, unless there is an option and I missed it?

I have Ghouls’n’Goblins set up but I’d love to move the keyboard commands to the left (WASD) for the joystick and maybe an option to jump and attack.