Disabling Workshop playermodels on non-friends

So IDK if it’s been suggested or not, but an option to not automatically download other players workshop avatars hile in plaza or in a game would be nice, as having to deal with mass workshop avatars being downloaded on heavily busy servers can bog some peoples net down rather hard. especially if they have speeds like 3mb down 268kb up like i do :confused: There is an option to remove the workshop player models in the accessibility option, except this removes even the one you are using and your friends are using, i would appreciate an option that doesn’t outright automatically download other people’s active workshop avatars, like something along the lines of a toggle-able “automatic workshop item download” option to where you don’t have to outright disable workshop avatars being used and i DO wanna SEE and USE workshop avatars, however, ths issue for me cuz when avatars leave the sever, the download bugs out and won’t finish downloading due to the ones that are no longer in the server when the download began for it, and thus it’s preventing any others that ARE still in the room to queue up and download. like i think the choices for the option i’m suggesting should be something like “everyone, friends, friends and acquaintances of friends” the first two are rather obvious ones, but the last one means basicly your friends and their friends.

A quick search turned up two suggestions (1, 2), so it has been suggested. I’ve also voted for both of those previously and will vote for this one too because I really want it, both because sometimes I don’t wanna see some of the models that get uploaded and because I also used to get slam dunked by the workshop downloads too.

I could also see this as being something that could fall under “STREAMER QUICK SETTINGS”. If streamers are playing with a group of friends, they may want to be able to see those people’s models for some wacky antics, while not having to worry about weird TOS-questionable stuff or getting blocked/flashbanged by viewers like xQc was in the Arcade that one time.