[Workshop] Block Everyone's Playermodels Except for Friends

So the Devstream earlier (08/31/18) showed off a lot about the workshop and how downloading models worked and whatnot. But it was also shown that you can block specific playermodels/players’ playermodels. With this, if you wanted to avoid having to download EVERYONE’S playermodels, you’d either have to entirely disable workshop, or just block each person’s playermodel individually.

I’d like to suggest adding a filter for whose models are blocked or not. IE., hide everyone’s model but yours; hide everyone’s model but you and your friends, etc., instead of having to block each player’s model individually.

I might’ve missed it in the stream, not sure. I’m mainly suggesting this because I have awful download speeds, so having to download everyone’s model would take me ages, and I’d basically never get to play the game, but only having to download, say, 2-3 friends’ models would be just fine.

I’ve gotta admit, I like the approach to playermodels being similar to canvases. The first time you join someone’s condo, you can choose to show all of their canvases or not. I think it’s a good idea to have a similar system in place with playermodels as a one time pop-up when the update is rolled out. You’d still be able to change it in the options menu later, of course.


If you are worried about having longer loading time, I don’t think it should be of any concern.
I was under an impression that Workshop Models are downloaded synchronously and update the player’s model when they are finished downloading.

The problem with having too strong filter options in a game like this is that it breaks the context. For example, if I’m a Link from Zelda and I act accordingly, only those who have not filtered would get to understand them. It’s the little and subtle interactions that make these social games fun.


I’m not necessarily worried about load times. I am, however, worried about constantly having high ping, from downloading a new model every time someone switches theirs.

Also, I’m not exactly sure how you’d act like Link, as he never speaks. Shouting “HYAH!” every now and then?

Besides, we’re already going to be allowed to block specific players’ playermodels, individually. This suggestion’s just to make things a little bit easier for some people. A quality-of-life kinda thing.

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Downloads are done by different Steam CDN servers and most likely synchronously and Steam can already throttle Workshop downloads so it should not affect your ping.

Link was just an example, but there is a lot more stuff you can do other than shouting “hyah” unless someone doesn’t know Zelda or they have a poor imagination. There are many identifies people take in in parallel to their models and act. Just look at countless amount of videos of VR Chat or Garry’s Mod with players acting on their models.

I can only see player models bringing positive experience with the filters already provided. I wasn’t saying your suggestion shouldn’t be implemented. I was just ensuring you that if it’s implemented as it should be, you have nothing to worry about and still get to see other models. In that, I also wanted to raise a point that a filter that simply blocks everyone’s models can cause minor disparity in context of social interactions with different players.


Ah, I understand what you mean better now. Oh, and that’s neat how the downloads’ll work, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not it affects ping. I’m sure the devs have thought of that, so I guess I should have more faith in it. Hopefully it won’t be another PAC3 from GMod.

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any update on this at all?


I’ll see what I can do to roll this out within the next two updates.


Pardon the bump.

It would be possible to add this as an option in-game, I joined EU FR1 earlier and I couldn’t play it properly cause of playermodels loading over and over again.


Pardon the bump, but is there any news about this?. I used to play this just fine a couple days ago and now for some reason now the game takes a ton of time to load a plaza or close itself on Steam


Hard agree for this suggestion

This because there is a problem with the Workshop Cache file, which is two-fold

You have the cache file, which temporarily saves models that have already been downloaded for future reference

Unfortunately, sooner or later, every once in a while, the cache file, while useful, becomes bloated, and it takes longer for the game to read through it – So this necessitates the purging of the cache file

Now we’re back to square one, in that your game starts to lag more regularly as it re-downloads all the workshop models you are most likely to see frequently (eg. your choice of player model, your friends’ choice of player models, any currently popular player models, and the ones in your condo)

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