Didnt there used to be First person arms?

I cant seem to figure out when but at some point you could see first person arms in games like virus,
did it get removed for simplicity of workshop models?

Yeah. They got removed in Update because that way it wouldn’t matter what the first person hands looked like no matter what model you used.

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aw man, it’d be really cool if they atleast kept them for the base game models fsetrfhnjwsrfhgb

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Yeah at least in virus I kinda wish they just kept the generic gloved first person arms; maybe it could be a toggleable option?


wouldve been cute to run around with milk box arms

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I’d really like if first person arms were brought back with more customizable features, like different arm models you could choose from or even workshop viewmodel arms or something. All of the first person weapon animations just feel kinda weird without them.

As someone who spent dozens of hours in Timesplitters 2, no-arms personally doesn’t bother me, especially compared to what we previously had. They were unsightly, often inadequately animated, only took the form of a pasty human’s, and had a lot of visual inconsistencies between various weapons. Also, I bet it probably saves a lot of time implementing new first-person items.

I would really rather they stay gone if the alternative is returning to how it was before. HOWEVER, if they were to be improved some day…

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We removed the Virus first person arms to be more retro but also because the hands didn’t match your player model.

We’re currently improving our weapon system for SDNL and we have some promising plans for the first person hands with workshop support.


Hopefully there’s an option to be toggleble for others that do.
I like no arms feature. Huge fan of Timesplitters series for this reason!

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true, i really liked being able to run around with a hovering gun in gmod and stuff lol