Desktop Backgrounds?

Is the wallpapers gonnq be public later mac?

Lmao he says he would make them the day after the post, and doesn’t mention anything about them slowing down the development (Just they got forgotten due to it all). It won’t take more than 10 minutes and I’m sure they’d agree :^)

I’ve actually given the task to Matt because he’s really good a taking photos. Should be out by next week.


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Where can we download these? :slight_smile:


Any updates? Even a rough estimate (full release is totally fine) would be nice :slight_smile:

So I’m not allowed to inquire about one of the backer rewards? :^)

Aigis-Orgia Mode
Aigis used “No”

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HUGE dead bump, but where can we download these?


Jeez dude, be patient. They need time.

For real though, welcome back, and I am fascinated about how you ended up here.


The man needs his wallpapers, I respect it.


I can try to make Desktop Backgrounds :upside_down_face:

legend says he never got those desktop backgrounds…


this thread is an emotional journey


Right? I love how “I’ll make them tomorrow” turned into “Still not make 3 1/2 years later”. Talk about getting “lost in the mix”. Lol

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“yo man, i gotta go, ill get them done tomorrow”
last online 3 years ago

just like my actual work ethic


Actually kinda glad they weren’t taken back in 2015/16 purely because Plaza looks nicer now, but yeah eventually we will see these (probably on release) :slight_smile:

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This is a fun thread. Has anyone taken any screenshots that are good pape material? I’ve taken a few that I’ve posted here:

These are nice too:

Holy crap I’m really glad I looked into screenshot papes:

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