Tower Unite and Reshade (Condo Screenshots)


Hey. I’ve been messing with Reshade a lot in TU lately (although it’s only been constrained to my personal condo due to the nature of the mod; I won’t want to risk a VAC ban because it attaches dlls and all that fun stuff). Here are a few screenshots I got of a few condos. Thought they looked really nice.

(My personal favorite ^^)

Will probably end up posting a few more screenshots in the future, but this is what I got so far.




Im asking the same question tbh


Just makes me miss that old alpha, beautiful lighting system that got tossed out as I recall it caused issues


IIRC VAC is running on condos too…


If that’s the case, I guess VAC doesn’t really care about ReShade. Still keeping it confined to my condo though.

If you want to try this out in your condo:
For installing ReShade, I didn’t attach it to Tower.exe since that’s just the launcher. I attached it to Tower > Binaries > Win64 > Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe. This is the exe you want to supply when it asks you to choose said exe (once you get the installer). I chose to download all the effects too, but you don’t need to. Once you’re in your condo, press the Home key.
Surprisingly, the only two effects that made any real difference in these screenshots were Ambient Lighting and Reflective Bumpmapping. The rest were very minor (such as HDR and improved FXAA). Ambient lighting offers that glow to bright objects/the sky, and reflective bumpmapping gives most surfaces a shiny look. This can get weird with stuff like carpet though, since it adds reflectivity to pretty much everything.
I’d recommend you turn on Ambient Lighting and HDR to get shots similar to what I got, but you can of course mess around with other shaders.


Holy crap, didn’t even know this was possible. Looks amazing. Too bad VAC would probably get set off, because i’d love to have reshade on my game as well.