Desktop Backgrounds?

The update on 26/1/16 said desktop backgrounds would be out a week from then; we’ve just gone over 5 weeks since that point and no update. Are these coming out soon?

Yes, yes, yes. I am SO sorry. We’re super mega busy on the game and putting as many hours as we can right now into the actual gameplay that the backgrounds just got completely lost in the mix.

I will make them tomorrow.


Cheers man, I know how stressed you’d be getting, last time I spoke to Foohy (January-ish?) you were flat out then, can’t imagine how many hours you’re putting in daily now. God speed!

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About 10am till 3am the next day, with hour for lunch and dinner.


And this is why I backed Tower Unite the second it came up in Cinema back in April last year. You guys over at Pixeltail are seriously the most dedicated indie team out there right now. Very happy with the amount of work you’ve put in across everything (Garrys mod to now)!


Ive made a few. I cant find the threads but if you search the forums you will find them


So uh… backgrounds? :^)

I wouldn’t rush them on something as simple as backgrounds… Its not SO IMPORTANT THE GAME WONT WORK WITHOUT THEM

Unlike everything else the team is working on right now

Well it isn’t what you would do, but it appears from the replies made by one of the developers that it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle to make these. It is important to me at least, and I’m sure 10 minutes taking screenshots of the Plaza and such won’t slow development down too much :^)

Where does it say that?

But if they’re THAT important to you, then just ask for people who have the game to send you screenshots or something

EDIT: Hell, I could make some for you.

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Is the wallpapers gonnq be public later mac?

Lmao he says he would make them the day after the post, and doesn’t mention anything about them slowing down the development (Just they got forgotten due to it all). It won’t take more than 10 minutes and I’m sure they’d agree :^)

I’ve actually given the task to Matt because he’s really good a taking photos. Should be out by next week.


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Where can we download these? :slight_smile:


Any updates? Even a rough estimate (full release is totally fine) would be nice :slight_smile:

So I’m not allowed to inquire about one of the backer rewards? :^)