Crash On Startup, No Error Message

So to give an update on this, we believe it’s an issue with the Intel drivers and Windows. This effects many other Unreal 4 games. We are still looking for a solution, but it definitely seems to only effect 11th gen Intel users right now.


Hello everyone.

We have hopefully some good news with this. In looking for other developers who have had this issue, we’ve stumbled on some posts by other Unreal Engine developers looking for solutions.

On this post, we’ve found a potential workaround, which PUBG disseminated to their player base.

The potential workaround can be found here. Please let us know if this is helpful. Intel Ice Lake CPU - Crash Workaround - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

For those curious, Intel made a post about this issue in 2019 (which we and other developers apparently never got the memo about), which goes into more detail about the issue. OpenSSL* SHA Crash Bug Requires Application Update

We have found a patch made by Epic Games to integrate the fix into our game, and will be working to have this patch integrated in a future update.

Again, please let us know if the workaround above helps or doesn’t help.


This worked, thank you!!!

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Thank you so much, this fixed it and fixed Paladins as well lol.

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Thank you, this worked !


The PUBG post doesn’t work anymore also it’s been a year where the f*ck is the update

I’m done with this game I can’t be arsed I’m asking for a refund

The crash on start up has long been resolved.

There’s an update on the situation in this thread: