Materials+ ("new" game materials)

This Condo Save file contains 921 materials from the game that are not currently added to the condo material editor. it can serve as a great base starting save in any condo to pull materials from that you’ll have never been able to use before by just using your copycat tool.

Save File:
Condo Save File

Required: At least 921 spheres in your inventory (92,100 units to buy)

If you are not the host, it seems that you are unable to copy these materials from one canvas item to another, however you can copy them to surfaces just fine.

If you are planning to use these materials in a build be aware that these materials are not currently in the material editor and are apart of other parts of the game. This means its always possible they could break, be changed as new updates come,

To Use:

  • Make a new save (any condo you like), then close your game
  • go to:


  • find the save folder that you created in game and replace the save with the one supplied in this post
  • All Done! ^^

If you happen to come across some materials in the list supplied perhaps it could be a good idea to note it in a reply here? who knows maybe it could aid in getting the materials added to the material editor! :smile:

There are some pretty crazy materials in here that do all sorts of wild things!.


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Please make sure you make a backup of the CondoData file if there is one currently in your Condo folder. Don’t want anyone to lose their work!


Awesome work Mighty!


Most welcome :smile:

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very good very nice <3


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No idea how you did this, but regardless this is very cool! I don’t see myself using these textures since they’re unselectable aside from this condo save, but I’d love to see a lot of these added to the material selection in the future.

A lot of these are very interesting and it’s taking a lot of effort for me to not write an essay about all the textures I like, haha. I love all of the light effects and the textures from LC and Accelerate would be really great to see. The textures that just turn the spheres into low LOD tree textures are very weird, but I could see them being really useful for decorating parts of condos you’re not meant to go to.

I’d particularly really love if these textures were actually selectable (hidden to not clutter the thread):



Time to update the Material Megathread :eye:
Report on every material coming up.


Question: how do I get a material after I load into my main condo with the new material???

you can copy any of the textures on the spheres by using the copycat tool

I mean when I load in between condos with the save and load feature

oh, in that case I don’t think it’s possible to bring the textures into an existing save, although I could be wrong. I tried selecting a sphere with the copycat and then loading another save which didn’t work, but that’s the extent of what I’ve tried

Thanks tho

Would anyone happen to know if this still works?
I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong, but any save with this CondoData loads in its default/blank state.

If possible I’d like to know whether it’s because of an update or me just being a dummy.

It does still work, in addition works on multiple condos.

Firstly check you own 921 canvas spheres.
Second, make a new save on the condo you want to load it on, then close the game, take this condo data, go to the condo save file and put the condodata within the save named folder you made from ingame.
Then reopen the game and load it from there.

I wish it was possible to use them in existing condo :<