Incorporate 'trick' textures into the selection

Here’s some surfaces that should be added to the list of selectable textures. I don’t know how feasible some of these are, but just about all of them tile perfectly and I’ve been using most of them to great effect for a long time now. Some of them broke with last few updates.

Condo Roof Glass (now broken)
Did you know? Before, you could achieve glass walls in ‘Condo’ by copying from the retractable glass ceiling that was added.

I feel like this glass has a combination of blue sheen and transparency that can’t be replicated with the tinted glass.

While surfaces that had this applied to them will still load fine from snapshots, the ability to use this specific blue glass is now gone. One has to either change it entirely or just try to live with what surfaces it’s applied to forever.

Resort Grate (now broken)
Here’s one not many people knew about. The grate that covers the fan in front of the office entrance on Resort could also be copied.

I used this as inspiration for a whole theme, however, it too is no longer possible like the previously listed condo glass.

Ice Rink Ice (kinda broken)
The recent Christmas update last year broke the slippery effect of the Ice Rink item, but now we have a slippery ice texture to select from with canvas, but only one problem. It looks worse.

I had already been using a stretched out Ice Rink to make a frozen ocean to skate on in my condo, and looking at it now, I’m almost 100% certain the “ice” texture we can choose from is the same texture from the ice rink, but now it’s significantly duller, and the ice rink is still broken.

Stone Fountain Water
This is probably one of the most reflective effects in the game, and was my go-to for water effects before

Many people would often ask how I made water, so I guess it’s not the most well known trick either. I think the community would strongly benefit from having this as an easily usable surface. Also it’s 0% transparent.

House Exterior Wood
The normal maps on this are so good that it makes any surface it’s copied onto look like it has geometry like the outside of the house.

House Deck Wood

Applied else where, this is a great particle board texture.

House Roof Tiles

I don’t think the current list has a good roof texture. It’s even colorable!

House Garage Concrete

This one looks much more natural than most of the other concretes

Theater Red Stripe Tile

Suite Secret Room Plaster

Fuck it, why not?

That’s all I can think of for now, but I know there’s more.


I’m always for more stuff like this. DevPls

the more textures the merrier, current selection has like 6 that look good, and the rest feel like they work on one condo. Then again, I only really work on House and Highrise nowadays, should probably change that lol


God yes.

Thank you for this, I’ll see about adding the materials to the list


Another good material that could be copied before is the grass in the backyard of Suite, which looks more like actual blades of grass than the current grass texture.


We need more people making this kind of sweet stuff, wow


more of this type condo, i fucking love it

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(Sorry for the wall of images)
These aren’t really trick textures since they aren’t in any condos but they would be nice to have:

(both the wood and shingles)

(both the tiles and carpet)