Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


Sky Island!

Because who doesn’t love floating around!


Actually, I can’t see the pictures either. Could you edit your post with working links for the pictures?


Lemme get the links for you. I uploaded them with media but I guess they got broken because of the approval buffer. Gimme a sec here.



Tower Suite:


Try these links.


I like the second one, but the others feel too similar to the house


Im thinking about maybe adding a new condo layout, one that looks like a proper condo.
What I mean by this is an apartment that has a window that overlooks the Plaza.
I know we have 4 layouts already, but the 4 we have break immersion as they are all in their own area.
The Condo has its own Island, the Home is a standard home, the old school condo has a backyard and looks like its in a subdivision, and the base-plate one is self explanatory. All I want is something that has a window like this.

Something that FEELS like a proper condo that would fit in the Tower


Sorry but it was my idea


wouldnt be surprised if other people have suggested it or thought of it


Dunno if this has been suggested, but how about different ground variations of Smooth Dirt?
We could have choices between grass, sand, and concrete. Would allow for more variation when building on them.
If changing the texture of the grass is too much trouble while in-game, perhaps separate flat maps for each texture type, since they’re super cheap at 10k apiece anyways.

This way you could choose from building in a massive grassy plain, endless desert, or expansive paved landscape for cities/urban development.


If this gets voted for, call it De Ja Vu.


There should be a universal grid for the condos when you turn on the grid function. It’s fustrating when you’re trying to build on the dirt cond, go to the lobby for more stuff, come back and the grid is offset from what it was the time before.


Maybe something like a dollhouse or a house boat ?


Canvas option for Smooth Dirt


A space station inspired condo

Since we are getting an underwater condo, what about a condo in the style of a space station orbiting the Earth, where the main door is an airlock hooked up to a small space craft?


Not a thought for a fully new condo, BUT if we could link the media players together like the screens up at Project 12 that would be awesome… Stick a video on and watch it on what ever screen you like


I think that suggestion would be better suited as its own thread as this thread is meant for the suggestion of condo designs.


And they could make some realistic looking moving heads, scanners and lasers… Devs take a look at these fixtures for modelling:

Clay Paky Sharpy
High End Systems Tecnobeam
KVANT Clubmax

(I’m a lighting designer btw :P)

PS: The current lasers need more liquid sky effects and not just dots…

Also, I dont mind making models for you guys to use :slight_smile:


what he said


A clean design of a penthouse studio apartment. It would have modern interior design and could overlook a marina or maybe even the plaza if it’s possible. I know these examples are from PS Home and you guys at Pixeltail aren’t a fan of Home, but you can’t fault their designs.

Could also maybe have a ‘hollywood hills’ styled penthouse:

This one is one of my favourites, it’s called the ‘Desert Haven’ and is a clubhouse resort with a pool, which is stunning in my opinion.


Welp, looks like this is becoming a thing.