Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


The Swag Cave
So that you can feel like you’re somewhere above Central Circuit in 2015.


A base on Mars to live in? Or even a moonbase or space station as a condo?



Are the noisy neighbors togglable?


Maybe a old vintage house along with vintage furniture?


Mass Effect 3 apartment?


Giant cardboard box. Kind of like a rat map in gmod, you are small, map is big


Mass Effect 3 is owned by Electronic Arts, so I doubt that they would be able to get the rights to the IP, let alone make a condo based off of it.


Option to restrict jetpacks.


I’d love a concert stage, with an empty crowd section. Could make for awesome DJ nights.


How about a giant sports stadium? You could still configure it for concerts with items, but it would also accommodate a wider variety of uses.


I think a small civic center would be great for that, where you have small exhibition rooms and such, to designate places and such.

OR you know,


Or how about a rats themed condo. Though I don’t know if this would be made as there are already shrinking potions. But the map would be large and you are, obviously, small. Would be very fun setting up ramps and stuff to get to places.





Make a Mansion property exclusive for people who are extremely rich, make the price something crazy like $1-$10 million so only people who are LUCKY own it.

I just found a picture on google after typing in “Mansion Unreal Engine 4”

I think something like this would be super cool, like 10 bedrooms, etc.

  1. Mansion Condo 1,000,000 Units
    Giant Mansion
  2. Submarine Condo
    A condo that’s inside a submarine underwater
  3. Sky Islands Condo
    Multiple Islands on top of clouds in the sky connected by bridges
  4. Castle Condo
    A big regal castle
  5. Underground Condo
    A condo in a giant cave (not a cave in a mountain I mean one like in the city of ember)
  6. Forest Cottage Condo
    A cottage in the middle of a forest
  7. Tiny condo
    A tiny condo in a gigantic room (the player is downsized aswell)


I personally imagined several condos with possible prices n shiz.

  1. The Apartment: Situated in an urban center lies a building full of recently constructed, grade A appartments, ready for occupation. It would be small, but a really nice sort of cozy touch. Sort of like this:

  2. The Tower Suite: Situated in the actual Tower Condo Building, a High-end condo awaits those who prefer luxurious spaces with an open view of the Plaza. It would be open, roomy, with plenty of space for you and your partygoers. Looks a little something like this:

  3. The Penthouse: A cozy little dorm with brick accentuations and a cozy loft, and it features plenty of rooms to organize and furnish as per your preference. Something a little like this:

Still up to you guys how you wanna impliment condos into the game, but in all honesty the penthouse one would be so gnarly to have.



Nice ideas shame you’re too new to use images. :confused:
either that or they didn’t actually load for me.


He’s new, it isn’t loading for me either


I can see them.