Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


I’d be cool with just an empty warehouse. Overgrown would be neat, but as long as it feels industrial and everything I’m there.


Good idea



Or if you want to be aquatic, Like I am, A sea Temple!


@SpongePierre @Zoroark_is_Pilot_Sco Underwater Condo Confirmed.

New Condo Map: Underwater Home

Yeeessss >w< It’s the second time something I suggested get accepted owo Even if Steffen has though about this home himself too though :3


I really like the idea of an actual house option. A more traditional option that’s different then the usual modern. Something that gives off a suburb feel


That is already in the game.


I have these images up as paintings in my condo and I always show them to visitors as examples of what I want a condo to look like.

Also maybe a wintery/christmas villa nestled in a snowy mountain forest?


If they do, dont expect it to be out by christmas.


Classic gmt lobby 2 condo


That’s the default condo, but less cool.


What about a theater condo with a functioning media player?
People could host their own theaters and play whatever they want.


Yacht Condo?


This was already suggested.


I could go for one of those…


I was thinking of something very similar to the first TU condo. An island Villa with a lighthouse you can enter further out on a smaller separate island.


Or perhaps a Scarface-ish mansion with a vast interior and exterior.


I’d like for there to be some kind of way for someone to rent a space in a lobby server condo building.

Like, Paying 30,000 or so units, you can rent a space for yourself where you can choose one of your selected condos and always acess it. And then when you exit that condo, you spawn in front of said room.

It sounds like an Idea to me so I wanted to suggest it.


Donald Trump’s Penthouse, just without the furniture and possibly the gold plastered all over.


I would like a condo like club penguin’s secret agents headquarters full of cameras and with a ‘‘secret’’ entrance
PD: A condo in a new york’s PH would be GREAT