Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


This place.


yes please


IKEA condo.

You can never leave.



…Maybe some giant expo-room thing, but empty

EDIT: Nearly “necro”-ed it, Whoops!
EDIT 2: oh ok, thanks!


As long as it’s not months old, and you’re contributing to discussion, it’s fine


something like this:


Maybe taking some inspiration from Club Penguin Igloo layouts would work well? They had some pretty sick layouts on there.




An Underwater Home

Since the game will have a new water shader, How about a Condo that can let us fully delight it in depth

Underwater vegetation and corals with random fishes swimming around

With at some point a Platform at the top of the condo so being outside can still be possible, at least to see the waves and maybe some distant islands

Borders of the map could be limited by nets hold with floaters:


YAS! Please!




Haha, I want a giant pumpking igloo


A proper roof for the condo we already have.
Oh and as far as seperate condos go, I’d love an entirely blank condo where none of the rooms are already assigned. This way we could have a kitchen in any room we choose…or none at all! Oh and if you do this plz also add all the stuff needed to complete said room types to the store, like a kitchen counter and shower stall.


what if the normal condo’s beach extended behind the house and had a customizable sloped roof



hot damn


Damn, thanks for pinning this thread @Lifeless! I guess now the condo design suggestions will be MUCH more frequent and that all of you guys are paying attention to what condos the community would like to see implemented into the game. I guess this means that I’m gonna post my own condo suggestion soon…




An abandoned overgrown facility