Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


God I used to love blockland when I was younger, it’s such a shame it hasn’t been updated in 3 years


I already suggested that a long time ago, scroll up and upvote it and maybe it would become a thing??


idea: moon easter egg from gmod tower as a condo


I feel like this fits with more with tower unite’s fantasy look and is a great idea for the game. it could be used to replace old places on tower unite that isn’t popular if it becomes an official design! great idea. :^)

(Referring to the hobbit hole scenary)


How about a Farm Condo?

Just a little house on the countryside with a barn, a giant field and maybe some animated animals.

And no, I don’t want to build it myself on Smooth Dirt.


Something in the void of space would be neat, and relatively simple to make I’d imagine.

Can sort of do it yourself already with those skybox workshop items.


we need some natural condos, no buildings, just forest with maybe some clearing. Lakes, waterfalls, all that fun stuff.


Add an office building, like an office complex so we can give people little cubicles with the community condos~


A small neighborhood for community condos


to add onto the above one, the house condo but the whole neighborhood is usable :slight_smile: