Condo Design Suggestions Megathread


I like the idea! Would be interesting to see more traditional buildings. :open_mouth:


Exactly! Not everything in TU needs to be Hypermodern. I think a nice blend of traditional structure with modern amenities in a beautiful setting would go a long way to capture that TU feel in a different way!


Even though I started this thread well over a year ago, I’ve realized that I’ve never actually submitted a suggestion for a condo design. Well, this post should remedy that.


This condo is designed for those who want to build in a large, indoor space who either don’t want to spend millions of units building the space first in Smooth Dirt with Canvas Primitives, or feel constrained by the relatively small volume you’re given with the Art Studio. The warehouse would mainly comprise of a single, tall room with a relatively large surface area for its floor and there are no windows on the walls or ceiling. All of the doors that lead outside of this room, both normal doors and giant garage doors, cannot be opened. The only source of light is a series of large light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling. There may be sections of the warehouse that are raised above the floor to accommodate for rooms such as the employee lounge, the manager’s office, and electricity control room, etc.

Some Reference Pictures:

Side Note: I already know that @TrappingGull had a similar idea with the empty convention hall posted earlier in this thread.

My favorite apartment in Playstation Home was Cutteridge Estate.

It was a gothic manor set on a wooded cliff overlooking a lighthouse in the distance.

Here’s a video tour of the location. It was full of atmosphere and I wanted so badly to host a murder mystery dinner party there.

Cutteridge Estate tour

The house condo comes close, but it’s in a neighborhood.
And the high rise could come close (in a Shining kind of way) but if the cityscape was hidden in some way and replaced with wooded hills.


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Dunno if anyone here has seen one of these, but I do like the idea of a beachside condo complex with the colors and the beach and water close by. But of course not accessible. I also like the decks those would be cool.


How about an igloo with blustering icy winds outside and a bleak white snowy landscape outside. Could also feature some sort of easter egg like the basic condo.

Shitty Concepts:
Or if you find my idea too close to say… club penguin. Then you could do something like the Oval Office and more bits. And name it something super literal and blunt like; “The presidential, or presidential suite.” Or you could do one inside a moving train with just some simple thing stuffed in front of the window model. You could do one on any planet where the condo is inside a one-man bunker. Could coincide with the maps you’re releasing for minigolf.


An over sized Tesla Roadster orbiting around Earth.


But jokes aside, a theme park maybe?


Honestly I would like to see something outlandish, like maybe a small town in ruins to repair. Or a abandoned part of an american city that has construction areas and broken buildings. I think it would be fun to have a condo like that to have eastereggs. I think a lot of people would enjoy it.


Snowy Mountain.
The idea is a sky mountain with 4 different zones to fall off (Easy, Medium, Hard, Professional), a chair lift from a wood house to the top and more stuff. To make the condo you should add sleds (Like the boat) and more stuff for snow but it would work as a mini-game.


So i whent to the beach this early march and i took some absolutely stunning photos of face rock beach.

My idea would have a top plateau area for house building and a stairway down the cliff to the beach, just like the beach in the photos.The cliff would haves some steep drops, and some parts with gentle slopes down, like this.

The beach part would have small rocks on the beach, aswell as some large ones in the water.

This would probably be a tricky one, with the cliff and all but it would be amazing to have a large open beach front that is perfect for people who like building from scratch. Also, i will be posting a item suggestion but maybe add a foundation tool? will explain more.


A beach condo would be cool, but we arguably already have one with the default Lobby 2 condo. However, it’s a very small island if you activate noclip and view the surrounding area. A long, continental beachfront like you photographed might just be different enough to work as a new condo. Consider me interested!


This would be good


I would LOVE a space condo, I LOVE SPACE!!! Like if you want this in game.

I MEAN just imagine it, you are on your spaceship condo, the look outside the windows are moving (like warpspeed), or you could change it to be stopped, and you just see some planets and a MASSIVE star right next to you, with gas from it just geysering up off of it. Like this,

except each one of those waves would be bursting up and down off of the star!


What’s your favourite thing about Space?
Mine is space.


Space station/space ship condo? Sign me up. Imagine if there were airlocks that you could walk out of onto some kind of platform with low gravity.


Its Face rock beach, oregon. Its not tropical its a temperate coast. Real nice place, suggest yall to go there and check it out


We need the ability to change the texture of the grass on the smooth dirt condo. If i could make the whole thing a ocean that would really help


A House community condo in which the other houses across the street have interiors.
You can just re-use the House Condo while adding more community condos!