Paint Gun

A “Paint” gun if no one has suggested it yet, much like ARK’s where you simply choose a color and click or hold to mass paint items/walls, would make doing giant buildings a lot faster :slight_smile:

support, I can plaster my condo with “UwU” everywhere in different colors and sizes

Doesn’t the Copycat already achieve this?

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When I first read it I thought it was a spray can like you can actually draw with it (It’s not). Also I think Copycat should but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t?

Copy Cat can copy color but it’s sole purpose isn’t coloring. I can see this tool being useful but it shouldn’t cost much.

Copy Cat can’t copy colours from wall to walls though. Which is what this suggestion is suggesting, a Gun to quickly paint the walls of a condo(and also the items)

Yeah then this would be useful. But it should be more than a color tool, also a material tool.


A mod can delete this thread if they wish, as it is useless, feel like an idiot but yeah it’s already in the game

But it’s not already in the game? Some of it is, not all of it though.