Canvases not loading

Hello there fellow players! I am coming to you with urgent question! Friend of mine wanted to show me her apartment but as is turned out, while others see her canvases only im having an problem! And yes, ive seen this guide but i dont have intel! i have ryzen 7-5800X3D!
Please, if any kind soul knows or maybe seems to know an answer to this horrible case, i would be grateful to recive respond!
I wish you a well day or night!

Are these images hosted on Discord? If so, Discord has started expiring old image links in the past few days so lots of peoples’ canvases have been breaking like this. Your friend can probably still see her canvases since they’re still saved in her canvas cache.

The only way to really fix this is to upload all of the images somewhere else (most people use imgur, I think, although there’s plenty of alternatives too) and replace all of the expired links with new ones.


Yes! it is the Discord problem! Some my other friends had the same problem, ive suggested her moving to the Imgur for time being, thanks and take care!