Canvas Items Megathread

Hoot, people!

I had a thought: wouldn’t it be nice if there was some place where people could share their canvases for items that use templates? Probably, so here it is - Canvas Items Megathread! Feel free to contribute to this ultimate canvas collection by showcasing your own creations and helping others filling their condo with them!

I know, there’s a thread by @SOCKS, but it’s fully dedicated to DVD/Game Cases, however there wasn’t a thread for other canvas items, and making separate threads for each one of them isn’t very rational. But anyways, let’s get started!

Useful links:
Item Template Thread
DVD/Game Case Megathread!

If you are posting your own canvas, you may add additional rules for using it (allowed/not allowed to edit, etc.).
But if you want to post someone else’s canvas, please, ask them for permission to do so and credit them!


Here’s my contribution: Caravan Palace vinyl record covers I made for my condo a few weeks ago, feel free to use them!


I guess ill throw in these two i did a while back, a dvd cover for black ops 2 and a vinyl cover for yeezus
bo2 cover

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Got bored so I made a couple soda machine textures, idk how well the other two look but the Cornelius Cola one looks great in game

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