Can't start Tower Unite

I am starting Tower Unite then there is
‘Failed to process Tower Unite’
access denied

This is more #support than off topic.

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The problem is that the program doesn’t have the necessasry permissions to run.

This can easily be fixed by navigating to:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower.exe”
Then right clicking on said .exe file and click on the “Properties” option
In the Compatibility tab click on “Run this program as administrator”
Now the game will run with all the necessary permissions that it didn’t have before.

If a popup appears saying you need to enter an administrative password to launch as an admin that means your account is just a standard user, which you might wanna look into changing because that can easily prevent this from happening again later with other programs.

It’s a security risk to just run games as administrator, especially with unfinished software like Tower Unite. Try this first:


Hmm didn’t know that was a thing. Have to add that to my list of first try techniques along with Verifying game integrity.

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