Cannot figure out how to equip fishing rod?

I don’t know if I am just being dumb or something. I own the fishing rod. I put it in my weapon section, slot 1, and hit 1–while in a fishing area-- and nothing happens. I tried moving it to wearables and still nothing. Uh…what am I doing wrong here :frowning:

  • Try unequiping it and re-equiping it (Use Weapon slots instead of wearable slots. Although it sometimes works for fishing poles, wearable slots is mostly used for customization and pets.
  • Try respawning using k (or rejoin the server), then try to equip it.
  • Try using a different weapon slot like 2.
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Thanks. Not sure what the issue was. I rejoined and tried all those and still didn’t work so I joined a different server and then it did work.