[Bug Megathread] "Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread 2020

The “Ribs grow back” Achievement does not progress.
i’m 120 points away from unlocking it and it won’t progress any further.

Coaster Addict, Ride the Coaster, I Can See My Home From Here and “Smart Investor” doesn’t seem to want to put or progress for me. I’ve ridden Poseidon twice, Used different viewers on Project 12 and on the board walk and bought about 14 barrels of beer and I haven’t gotten progress or completion.

My wheel of nothing progress is stuck at 3/20 and i have repeatedly rolled nothings since.
Please investigate this one. Maybe it’s partially broken for older players, or can others confirm it won’t increment? I’m quoting a 09/21 post and it’s almost 06/22

2 Zombie Massacre kill count achievements. Not sure if it’s because of my account, but these two don’t progress at all.

I Can’t Believe It’s a Massacre

Extreme Prejudice

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While I still believe the triggers for these achievements should be re-worked, all of these should be currently possible:

  • Ride the Coaster/Coaster Addict: The start and end trigger is when the coaster stops to drop off people. You will have to stay on it for a good while for it to start triggering. Make sure you’re not AFK.
  • I Can See My Home From Here: Use the viewfinder specifically on the lighthouse
  • Smart Investor: You specifically have to buy Beer Bottles from Project 12. There seems to be a bug though that you can only buy those one at a time, so have a lot of patience.

If none of these work then hopefully the devs make them obtainable again

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I can also confirm massacre + prejudice zombie achievements do not increase.

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Under Pressure

Use the airlock in Underwater.

  • Does not work in co-op.
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Not really broken per se, but the “A Worthy Offering To The Gods” achievement is misleading, as it requires you to sink 25 shots that don’t hit the UFO, even though hitting the UFO doesn’t mean the ball won’t go into one of the cups afterwards. Clarifying the description text would probably help.


Yeah, I’m getting the same thing; mine are stuck as well.

i just did these a while ago and i wish i wrote it down. i do remember having some trouble.

the devs should make the description clearer as to say if you need to create the instance (be owner) or not. I think there’s more like this one where you have to buy the condo.

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