Broken Map Virus: Hospital

Stairs do not allow access to walk up, except for one pixel amount of space on the edge

What I expected to happen

Able to walk up the stairs normally

What happened

Get caught on the first step, invisible block over the second (soda machine) that prevents access. Except for one small gap on the very edge of it.
Can walk down them just fine though. :man_shrugging:t2:
(Also, top piece of the third-step locker missing as shown in image)

Notes / Media

(sorry, unable to take video)

Just a heads up, there are megathreads where you can submit map bugs such as this or the one you posted for Desertion the other day. This specific one has already been reported on the [Map Bug Megathread] Virus: Hospital thread.

Link to other threads:


This bug will be resolved in the next hot fix.


Awesome! Good to know, thank you!

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