[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

Hey everyone, I wanted to create a pinned thread for issues that people find in Plaza, as individual bug reports can sometimes get buried. (And due to their mostly low priority, sometimes forgotten about)

It would be great if people could explain where an issue lies, with a screenshot or video, and we’ll try and get round to fixing them when we can.

Once we have fixed an issue or believed to have fixed an issue, we will delete the post made by the user just so the thread doesn’t get too crowded.

If the issue still remains and hasn’t quite been fixed properly, please post it again.

Thanks everyone.


Collision issue by Ferris Wheel Event Teleporter:

Under F.W.E.T you’re able to go through a cylinder and get under the Plaza Island.


F.W.E.T = Ferris Wheel Event Teleporter *


In the cave beneath the peninsula, there are a few spots where the collision is a bit wonky.

In this spot you can walk beneath what is visible for the rocks. Using a tiny potion makes your view go under the rocks.

And in this spot some of the collision is sticking out higher than what is visible.


I believe that this counts for this thread. You can’t jump out of this fountain in front of the train terminal without a jetpack or some other movement item.

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Door In chainsaw deathmatch leads to falling out of map

How do you even reach that place, anyway? Take advantage of the rising pillars?

Isn’t this some sort of a future easter egg instead of a map issue?

Not a bug, that area is unfinished. Players are supposed to be able to view the deathmatch arena from those spectator seats in that area Eventuallyβ„’

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you can use the pipes to get on top of the railings and get to the door
or if you get out of the map from the arcade you can fly to there while the game is not active

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This can be found by following the Trello rail that goes out to the island it looks to be a floating circle patch of grass.

Flying to the skybox boundary you can look out to the distant islands just over one of the mountains and you will be able to see this black box. This black box is also visible from the viewing deck of project 12, it cannot be seen from the ground as it’s concealed by the mountains.


There is a Hole in the Arcade that can get you out of bounds with a tiny potion.

Planetary piano.


Teleport spot above Songbirds

for anyone searching: Songbirds Song Birds East Stores Seasons


Inside the Volt night club next to the casino, you can use the Tiny potion to get on top of the rafters and remove the potion to phase through the ceiling.


For the second out-of-bounds glitch, you can enter the PixelTail office or the β€œ???” vent inside of the tower lobby. Once inside of the office you can use the tiny potion and get onto the trim of the ceiling and remove the tiny potion to be able to fly inside the main tower.


this small part of the ground doesnt have collision ( i fell under the map while walking)

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Seeing as this isn’t exclusively collision, I’m gonna assume this goes here now.

The water sounds that play near this wheely dude aren’t affected by the Effects volume slider.

EDIT: This also happens for the Laser Tag lobby music


The metal lattice on the ceiling of Celebrations (and possibly other stores, haven’t checked) doesn’t have properly networked collision (no collision on client, collision on server end).


There seems to be an issue with the crane grab game in the arcade. It’s wiggling all over the place and the crane it self is clipping through all the prize balls.


Mac said that this was going to be fixed soon I believe. He said it was due to the constraints.