Audio and Chokes

So since the update and with the recent hotfix patch I’ve been receiving horrid chokes and audio issues with Tower Unite.
At first I thought it was just the PAKbeta being corrupted, as Mac assumed so due to similar reports, however this is not the case. I’ve opted out of the PAKbeta as a test and audio issues and chokes still persist.

I can only assume this is an issue on my end at this point, but I cannot fathom what is causing it at all. And even with the assumption it makes zero sense as the game was perfectly fine before Nothing on my end changed whatsoever. And the strangest thing is these chokes only occur if I’m walking or a sound effect plays, noclipping or standing still causes no chokes whatsoever in plaza or condo.

Any suggestions are welcome at this point, as I can barely play anymore due to the constant frame chokes.


Is it generally a really hard lag spike that happens every minute or so? If that’s the case, this is exactly an issue I have too but I’m not sure what causes it, especially considering the issue also happens sometimes when testing project in the actual UE4 editor.
Edit: You mentioned having no lag when standing still or noclipping, could you be having an issue similar to this? (this, at least for me, is unrelated to the every minute lag spikes thing)

This was a video I recorded to show Mac my issue a while ago.
These issues persist even into the recent hotfix.

All I can fathom is it’s not a hardware issue, as I could run TU perfectly fine before, and noclipping makes the game as it once was; silky smooth with no chokes.
Reducing any of the graphic options does nothing, choking still occurs no matter the graphic changes.

I just dunno what it is at this point.

Yep, that’s exactly what’s happening to me, but it only happens on certain surfaces. Over on the post I linked I mentioned a bunch of different weirdly specific areas I get lag, do you have this issue everywhere on all your condos or is it only on certain surfaces like me?

Only certain surfaces, the main square of my city there is no choking.
In my hotel, theater and bar however has the chokes.