[] Lag spikes when walking in any condo

Whenever I walk around in any condo (this does not occur when using my jetpack or noclipping), I’ll get lag spikes that incrementally get worse until it drops my FPS to around 15 every spike and remains at that “intensity” until I stop. Once I stop and start moving again, this cycle of increasing lag spikes starts again.
This doesn’t seem to be affected by items I’m wearing or have equipped, and it doesn’t occur in plaza servers.

Do they have fish?

Nope. This was occurring on a completely blank smooth dirt condo, as well as all the other condos I own too. It doesn’t seem to be affected by what items I have in my condo at all.

Bit of an update, apparently this is happening in the plaza theater too. Not other spots of the plaza as far as I can see, though…

Is this not the same as what you posted 2 days ago?

If it is then you shouldn’t make another thread.

This honestly sounds like a hardware or driver issue. Even more so when it effects a completely blank map and the unreal editor.

It’s not the same issue. The previous freezing issue is most definitely a hardware/driver issue at this point, since I seem to be fine now (being on a different PC). That issue caused lag where ever I was, regardless of what I was doing as long as it was a plaza/condo. This is specific locations (condos and the theater lobby in the plaza) and only while walking, that’s why I didn’t see how it’d be a hardware issue or anything since it’s so specific and so closely tied to a game action. I’ll mess around with a few things on my end though to see if I can fix it.

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Yeah let me know if you can find anything. Also try changing your shadow settings and see if that helps.

Will do. Also, it seems I was wrong about it occurring in all condos. The two most recent I loaded at the time had the issue, so I assumed all of them did. Here’s some way more specific info:
Smooth Dirt: Occurs only on the center stone ground. Walking on the grass gives me no lag. (Also, not sure if this was already a bug in previous versions but noclipping into the ground a bit and turning noclip off, pushing you back up onto the ground, plays the water splash sound sometimes).
Theater: Occurs anywhere. Nothing else weird going on.
Underwater: I have to jump underwater and come back to the surface for the lag to start. I experience no lag issues walking around underwater, this is only on the above-water platforms. Interestingly enough, the elevator too only lags while above ground. I can walk around the elevator while it’s underwater and experience no lag.
Plaza Theater: Occurs anywhere, just like the condo theater. Lag stops once I exit the theater.
The rest of the condos and locations, as far as I can tell, don’t have this issue.

EDIT: For Smooth Dirt, it seems changing the material of the stone platform to grass (or for that matter any other material) seems to have fixed it. Not sure how differentiating materials can cause lag while walking, but uhhhh…
This material change thing only fixes the lag on Smooth Dirt, too.

EDIT 2: Seems to also occur in the DIY store and at Trivia.

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