Arcade Developments


Oh. Will leaderboards be a thing in the API? Where your score is tied to your steam account?





I’m so hyped for this


yoYO. @Zak just finished doing some crazy sick optimizations for the arcade. (Such as sharing resources between OpenGL contexts, so even if you have like a billion arcades open it’ll only load one instance of the asset into video memory).

He also added a useful little diddle to get the average frame color, so I went and hooked that up to a dynamic light and it’s p dang spiffy

also its literally 7:30 am for him so he’s a bit loopy in the video


Dear god the squirrel things. Why the squirrel things.


That’s one sexy dynamic lightning, it looks really good. I’m really curious to see how many Arcade games start following out once the API is ready.

Also that voice, that is the voice of a man who was defeated by the code during a long night.


So even though there are multiple instances of the same arcade, will multiple people be able to activate different cabinets and play their own game? (Like, without interference of the other instances)
Here’s what I mean:
Player A loads up cabinet A and plays an instance of game 1 called game A
Player B loads up cabinet B and plays an instance of game 1
will player B have his own instance of game 1?

Where there be a demo feature for the arcade cabinets? Like, in most real life arcade cabinets, they have a feature where it shows the player what is in store for them before they put in their hard-earned quarters. In pac-man for instance, it shows the ghost types and footage of the game. And will mouse-control be a thing, for rail-gunny type games? And modifiable cabinets should be a thing too.


if you guys team up with Digital Cybercherries I’m going to freak out because they’ve made my favorite arcade game (more literal than you’d think) of all time PLEASE contact them and see what pixeltail and you guys can work out, I would love to see a team up! (plus I think they made the game in unreal 4 so it would be really easy to migrate in)


Probably not going to happen considering the Team doesn’t want to use Emulators. The entire digital cybercherries uses the MAME Emulator to achieve it’s goal.


@Caboose700 true but pixeltail already knows how to make the games, cybercherries knows how to make it look SUPER cool (the floors and the cabinets in-game look fantastic!)


Yep, even though arcades are set to the same game, each arcade has its own special game instance, so there’s no interference from others. (The reason they all match in the video is just because they all received zero input, so thus all did the same thing)


We know how to make things look cool too.


Is there a Tilemap support in the Arcade API? I ask because I plan to use Love2D to make a prototype Arcade game, and I want to use as similar of methods that I can in Lua so that I can easily port it over to the API.


Will there be a way to make Arcade Games multiplayer? It would be cool to have some co-op or versus games for more than one player to play.


I’m almost certain there will be. I don’t know why they wouldn’t put it in.


I think considering there will be highscores, we can assume there will be multiplayer.


Those two ideas aren’t really linked with each other. The highscores will probably just be a text file that is saved on the server and read by the lua code. (I feel smart.)


Hm, fair enough.


Yes I plan to support tilemaps created using Tiled

Not sure yet. It’s still in early development :wink:


I know this is a bit of a stretch, but will 3D be a thing for arcade games? If not 3D, at least vector-based graphics?