Arcade Developments


Leaderboards are definitely something I’m gonna try to make happen.

Not entirely sure how it’ll work for Workshop just yet. I have some ideas, though.

You’ll get used to it. Putting ; in lua does nothing as well, so syntax wise it won’t scream at you. I personally never was a fan of ;


The API we’ll be implementing will be similar to It was an engine I made for Flash for 2D games.

It had a lot of good features like:

Arcade High Scores!

Great. I will start developing some stuff as soon as I get my hands on it. Is there any ETA on it?


No ETA, but we’re working hard to get it out early so people can develop games way before the release.


Just read the features list from Verlocity. I am really going to have fun with this. :smile:


I hope you’ll provide some examples for us so we don’t have to go in blind.


So I did some work on the skinning stuff.

The texture has side art, control art, bezel art, and of course marquee art.

We’ll also have color settings for the trim, the monitor, and of course the joystick and buttons.


Very pretty Mac! This is my hype machine for Tower Unite right here.

Edit: Just realized the side is backwards (mungam).


Yeah, I just fixed that.


This is a bit nit-picky, but shouldn’t the joystick be in the middle?


The joystick can be moved to any location on the control panel.


Ah, cool.


Tried it in a darker environment.

Starting to get to where I want it, but the glare is a bit annoying.

Also the bloom is quite over the top.

The buttons work now though.


That looks so cool!


How easy will it be to make a game for this for someone who knows absolutely nothing about coding?


Considering the API will be using Lua as the programming language, it will certainly be easier than other languages. However, if you have no programming experience whatsoever, you might want to watch some tutorials and make some sample projects in Lua before going and attempting to build a game for Tower Unite.


@macdguy, what are the chances that we’ll see a couple of these in the first content patch?


These are looking really good. Since the UV is editable I should get start drawing some basic art for the mini-game idea I have. :smile:


Can there be an in-game option to stretch the game onto the arcade monitor?


Will the top of the arcade machine (Where the name goes) look backlit? Like most arcade cabinets are?

Also, there should be a cabinet named Tower Unite that just shows an endless pit of the player’s screenspace.


I’ll post more tomorrow but the marquee is backlit now and @Foohy redid the scanlines to look way more realistic.