Arcade Developments


Great to hear, as that was the program I was using!


Any update on this project?


Put on lowest priority for the time being, probably to be developed after Early Access.


Hey, I just thought about how workshop arcade machines could work.

Perhaps there could be one or 2 “workshop arcade machines” alongside the ‘official’ ones, where you can load workshop arcade games within.

Also, I’m confused about how custom arcade machines would work (especially in unranked servers). I understand if you have yet to develop a concept for it, as something like this is probably at a low priority.

On a final note, Will a functional arcade machine be available as a condo decoration? I believe it would be a lovely accessory in one.


You should probably post that in the suggestions area, rather then posting in an extremely old post.


will they give muns


Pretty sure they said some give units whilst others give tickets which will be a unique currency for Arcade exclusive items…

Also nice necro.


IIRC, no
some will give out tickets, but the screen-based machines will not pay out anything

Also nice necro.