Arcade Developments


In our last stream, Zak showed off our cool new arcade API.

Using Lua and OpenGL, Zak made it so we can create custom 2D arcade games. We’re hoping to put this on Steam Workshop as well so people can make their own 2D arcade games for Tower Unite!

I’ve been working on a new arcade machine model. I’m also making sure it’ll be really easy to skin for other people.

Here’s the progress so far!

I’m still working on the materials and the buttons.


i love it, beautiful :grin: :tada:


The Arcade Machine model looks really slick, I am really liking the art direction the game is taking.

I would love to see an edged-face screenshot of the model when it’s done :blush:.


Will custom cabinet graphics be a thing? As awesome as the model is I’d love to see some artwork relating to the game on it.


Dat framerate, but that’s awesome!


I love how it shows you moving the joystick. That’s really cool. Also, dat parallax scrolling.


Nice! I like it so much. Keep up the great work


I watched you painstakingly UV that sucker, great job! Still love the movement of the controller.


Looks pretty good so far. Basic, but a good platform to build on.


Will there be different kinds of arcade games other than this to modify? I want to make a Dragon Ball Z fighter. :sunglasses:


Yeah, the idea is that anyone can code their own games. The games are coded in Lua and we’ll have an easy to use framework to make games for it.

Of course, we’ll be making our own arcade games as well. The shooter demo thing was made in like an hour.


I know how to program, but I have never done anything in Lua. Is it similar to C# or Java?


It’s a lot less strict than those.


My dreams of making Pac Man finally gets closer!


Wow, you’re right. You don’t have to end lines of code with semicolons?


Is there any possibility of having leaderboards or is that too advanced for the current system? In other words, are the games too self-contained to have something of that sort?

Arcade High Scores!

xD also @macdguy would it be possible to add a game to tower unite using embeddabble games?


The lack of ; at the end of the lines disturb me.

But I will be looking into this so called little framework. Will you be adding easy ways to add controls and graphics?


I twitched uncontrollably when I first started coding Lua…it goes against all my programing sensibilities.

That is kind of the point of the Arcade System API…


I agree. It does feel weird after 3 years of learning code.